Morning, Here's More Footage Of Horizon: Zero Dawn Looking Incredible

What is it about Horizon: Zero Dawn that's gotten everyone so excited? It's difficult to explain but we can all feel it.

Maybe it's the robot dinosaurs. That's a big part of it. Best high concept in history. Maybe it's just the pure aesthetic? Maybe it's the protagonist, who is just so freaking cool.

Either way, I'm on the hype highway, 150km/h. I cannot wait for this game.

This is the most recent trailer. It's for TGS, so the dialogue is in Japanese. Doesn't even matter. Every piece of new footage for this game is compelling to me. I need to play this. ASAP.


    Although I have a PS4 - exclusives make me sad. I can only imagine this would have to play better on the PS4Pro (despite the mixed messages).

    Preorder now for your bonus outfits and in game vanity pet.

    I'm really interested in this one, but I'm also a bit cautious about getting too hyped. The developer's previous output (Killzone games) were pretty middling and I've been burned by Sony first-party stuff being all style and no substance before (eg The Order 1886).

    Played it at PAX West and what they were showing was insanely limited. You basically were put in a tiny area where you could fight a couple of things, tame one of the weird antelope robot things and then ride it a bit but after about 20 steps in any direction you 'left the game area' and the demo reset. The footage they showed us previously was the same stuff from the E3 demo (though it didn't go to plan and the boss killed the developer's mount).

    In terms of feel, it reminded me massively of Shadow of Mordor. Character has a similar weight to her, moving and jumping felt about the same and combat controls fairly similar and intuitive enough so at least they've done their homework. Animation a bit janky (especially facial animation in cutscenes which looked way off) but the game's still 6 months or so off. I came away from the demo honestly not any more or less interested than I had been before going in, which is a bit of a fail IMO. I'd have thought at this point they'd be able to make more of a playble vertical slice than like 90 seconds worth of it, given it was a 15 minute playable demo aimed at the public, and that also worries me a bit. Everything's slipping to February at the moment so is Horizon going to slip from Feb to later in 2017? Wouldn't be surprised if that happened honestly.

      They most likely had a special build for PAX to prevent people from leaking areas of the game. Or that area was just the most completed.

      If it plays like Shadow of Mordor - I'm sold straight away.

        It wasn't an 'area'. It was literally a circular slice of what felt like probably part of a tutorial area that you could cross the diameter of in about 20 seconds on foot or 5 seconds on the horsey antelope thing. I was able to 'complete' the demo four times in the allocated 10 minutes play time and that was including spending the first 2 mins or so testing out the controls.

    I do really dig the concept, and visually it's impressive.

    Gameplay wise it kind of looks like a mix of Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry: Primal.

    It looks cool, and I'm sure I'll pick it up. I'm still not letting the hype get out of control though. It's made by the Killzone devs - not bad games, but the very definition of "meh". Plus, if you discount Naughty Dog and From Software, Sony don't have the greatest track record with exclusives.

    Seems like one of those games that looks great but when you play it, it feels like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

    Totally into this one, maybe because I'm a sucker for dinosaurs and robots, or maybe just because it looks awesome.

    On a side note, her Japanese is amazing!

    I was expecting something Far Cryish, only some of the vertical slices showed what looked to be more Witcher 3'ish.

    This is a good, good, good thing.

    Aside from the aforementioned weird facial animations in npcs, I love everything I've seen of this game. I really hope it's great.

      I also preordered the collector's edition. Flame away!

    The game may be looking beautiful, but ugh, that kid got hit with the ugly stick!

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