My Neighbour Totoro, Recreated In Minecraft

My Neighbour Totoro, Recreated In Minecraft

Alan Becker is a bit of a talented fellow. Not only does he happen to love both Minecraft and the worlds created by Studio Ghibli, but he’s also very, very good at mashing them together.

Becker’s an animator by trade, so one on level I can understand the connection with the Studio Ghibli works. So it’s no surprise that Becker has merged Minecraft with Ghibli before, publishing a walkthrough of a blocky Spirited Away world a couple of years ago.

But what a difference a couple of years makes. Rather than just running through and pointing out the similarities, Becker has overlaid sections of the movie before transitioning into their in-game equivalents.

It’s really quite beautiful.

A pretty lovely way to end the day, I think.