New Kickstarter Game Is About Fighting An Evil CEO As Hideo Kojima And Other Devs

New Kickstarter Game Is About Fighting An Evil CEO As Hideo Kojima And Other Devs
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Dawn of the Devs is a new Kickstarter project by Underdog Studios all about making game designers the heroes. The 2-D puzzle platformer features off-brand versions of designers like Hideo Kojima, Cliff Bleszinski, and Tim Schafer as they battle against a villainous “Chief Evil Overlord”.

The game’s big focus is combining the various abilities of the protagonists. Tom Schiffer can click on objects all around the screen and has an unlimited inventory. Biff Klozinski carries a battle rifle around to blast baddies. It also has a chainsaw for cutting through obstacles. Hiro Komiya is able to sneak by enemies with his trusty cardboard box.

The entire concept seems to have a fun, tongue in cheek manner about it even if some of the jokes are a bit heavy handed; for instance, in the world of Dawn of the Devs, failed games go to waste in the Game-Yard which is ruled over by the vicious Meta-Critic. Still, having a game about the state of games could prove to be a lot of fun. It has at least one developer very amused.

“We are making this game as a love letter to all those game developers who have given us many unforgettable moments with their games,” Underdog states on the project’s Kickstarter page. “We also wanted to make a game about our industry, a light hearted parody with lots of humour and irony.”

The team is looking for a $US65,000 ($84,641) target with plenty of stretch goals. Among these are three additional protagonists: Nick Gable, Milo Devareux, and Shiro Miyata. They are fictional takes on Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, and Shigeru Miyamoto respectively.

There’s 29 days to go on the Kickstarter. With enough interest, some of our favourite developers could embark on an adventure of their own.


    • Tim Schafer was hired as a programmer and worked his way up.
      Cliff Bleszinski produced his own first game himself with his own company. He sent a copy to Epic, who liked it and hired him.
      Hideo Kojima was hired by Konami as an art director.

      The CEO’s didn’t go “Hire that man!” and give them top billing. They’re people who have worked their way up.

      EDIT: It’s also worth mentioning as well that when these guys got their start videogames itself was a risk. Everything was new. There was no ‘by the numbers’ safe path to follow.

      • Not to mention Newell (if they hit that kickstarter stretch), who worked for Microsoft as a programmer on the first three version of Windows, became a ‘Microsoft millionaire’, then left with some other guys and formed Valve, published Halflife and the rest is history.

          • “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

            Funny how true that’s becoming with Newell isn’t it…

  • So Cliffy is obviously down for it. Would love to see the reactions of other devs. Also, Carmack and Romero characters plz.

    Also, this part “…gaining adepts for the Almighty Red, the Omnipotent Green or the Supreme Blue, while the Believers of the Master Race despise them all…”. I know Blue represents Sony, but for a moment, my heart dared to believe that it was Sega.

  • “Tom Schiffer” should be the villain, given he had a huge expensive party and then just three weeks later let go a whole lot of staff.

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