Nine Players Who Kicked Arse In Battlefield 1's Beta

Battlefield 1's beta is in progress on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players are showing off some amazing snipes, clutch artillery shots, and outright unbelievable engagements. Here are nine players pulling of some of my favourite moments so far.

The Most Cinematic Sniper I've Ever Seen

Like something out of a sweeping war movie, peruvianidol's quick reflexes unseat a rider from atop their dangerous war horsey.

This Bullet-Dodging Saber Guy

Caught in the middle of the desert and rushing down a sniper, hornet_ru shows no fear, charging in to get a very dramatic kill.

These Two Biplanes That Had Sex In Mid-Air

It turns out that old fashioned aero-planes are made of sturdy stuff, as KampferXenon discovered.

This Tank Playing Duck Hunt With A Plane

It was a long shot, but napalmjerry took it anyway. Godspeed, you wonderful bastard!

This Blind Roadkilling Jeep

With no clue what was around that hill, robbymueller leapt out of his automobile and into history.

Neo, Who Joined WWI And Dodged Everything

It should have been an easy kill for ANEPICLIE. Too bad he faced off against this profession bullet dodger.

This Long Range Sniper

The folks over at NERDS GONE WILD saw this slowly descending soldier and just couldn't resist.

This One Guy Who Hid... And Then Stopped Hiding

Sometimes, you just have to wait for the right moment. joshuasteele17 shows exactly how that's done.

Finally: This Guy And His Miracle Shot

This guy is Jake. He's the luckiest motherfucker on the planet.


    Can we all take a step back and appreciate how amazing this game looks and feels to play?

      Agreed!!! I could only play about two games last night but it feels so much better than expected!

      Yeah this game looks crazy good, but is it anything like Battlefront? By that I mean is Battlefield and Battlefront in their modern incarnations very similar, I know that battlefront's always been based on Battlefield as a franchise.

      Battlefront was awesome to experience for 5 minutes but it quickly grew dull. I felt like I had played all I needed to play with the beta alone.

        The game-play is more like Battlefront that BF3 or 4, you rock a 1911 just like Han Solo.

      As long as it doesnt feel like the clunky piece of shit that BF3 and BF4 was, i'll buy it.
      However, I'm going to wait for reviews and test it on mates pc's first.

        BF3 & BF4 played like a dream compared to biggest clunker of them all Bad Company

          Pity nothing's been as good as Bad Company 2

            Awesome awesome awesome game!!! Loved sniping in that game

    The tank playing duck hunt is actually the armoured train that runs through the middle of the map.

    I was expecting to love this game but after a few hours I felt just flat. it felt chaotic but not in a structured way. Sure once we see a few more maps that might change. Everything felt clunky. Especially the planes.

    I will wait for another beta with different stuff to see how my opinion changes but my "OMG must buy, cant wait" from trailer is more "meh, we will see". which was the opposite of when I played SW Battlefront.

      I think that's just Battlefield now. Did you try out Rush mode?

      I think the planes are rubbish because they were rubbish.

      Isn't the idea that it all feels clunky cos WW1?

        yeah but its more the controls just feel really bad and counter intuitive and flying feels really meh (pretty much all the streams I have been watching all say the same thing). I wasnt expecting exciting snappy dogfights but at the same time I wasnt expecting not to avoid planes because they seem so undynamic. Not everything in game is historically based, this is one aspect a better balance/compromise between reality and gameplay I would have liked.

    I played a few games last night and I had this weird bug where my bullets don't hit people. Definitely a bug.

    I did notice that the sniper rifle is completely different to the footage I've been watching. Tried sniping a few times and at about 150 metres away the bullets take over a second to reach the target. A few times I had a guy just sitting there. Lined up the shot. Fired. Waited patiently. Read a magazine. Did a crossword. Then right before the bullet hit he stood up and ran away.

    That was for the sniper though. Using the medic rifle I could iron sight snipe and the bullets travelled a lot faster.

    Last edited 01/09/16 3:54 pm

      yeah I had the same plus a few times I picked up the powerful weapons but they wouldnt fire and I couldnt change weapons so just had to die.

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