Nintendo Announces Super Mario Run For iOS And Android

Nintendo Announces Super Mario Run For iOS And Android

Mario is officially coming to the iPhone. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at today’s Apple conference to announce Super Mario Run, an iOS runner with graphics from New Super Mario Bros.

It will be a paid app — not free-to-play — and Nintendo says it’s “coming soon” to the App Store. It will be out by this holiday, they say.

Nintendo has told Kotaku that “we do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

Here’s the full video presentation from Apple’s conference:

Here’s the full description from the App Store:

Maybe this means Apple will actually start cracking down on all those clones?


  • woohoo, can’t wait until we hear about those people complaining about in-app purchases:

    Consumer: I wasted $2.50 on this microtransaction!! I want my money back!!

    Developer: *Reaches for wallet* Here you go, $2 and 50 cents. Now don’t spend it all at once. 😉

    Consumer: …..:|

  • Ughhh, by the time it comes to android I wonder if it will have lost interest with the wider audience.

  • You know, I’d never really thought about it, but a Mario endless runner actually makes sense. Sometimes that’s how you play the platformers anyway, just hold b and right, then jump at the right times. I even NSMB2 for the 3DS had a couple of levels that enforced this.

  • I like how Miyamoto was introduced and his introductory frame was “Miyamoto: Creative Fellow”. I understand the intent of the use of fellow here, I can’t help but read it like fellow/chap/guy as it makes so much more sense.

    • I found it hilarious when they announced that as his new title. It just sounds like such a made-up position.

  • That would be nice if Super Mario Run came out in December and since I got an iPhone 4 from my 21st birthday 2 years ago I am thinking I would like to play Super Mario Run on my iPhone 4 with the swipe of my finger to make Mario jump and since I’m a Mario fan I would like to thank you Nintendo for the announcement on Super Mario Run my parents and I looking forward it and best of all I’m really looking forward downloading the Super Mario Run app when it comes out in December.

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