One-Punch Man Anime Gets A Second Season

Did you like the One-Punch Man anime? Good news, because they're making another season.

[Image: One-Punch Man]

Details are scants, but the anime's official Twitter confirmed the announcement.

One-Punch Man debuted as a web comic, but went on to spawn a manga in 2012, while the Madhouse anime originally debuted in fall 2015.


    How is this good news? I thought OPM sucked according to Kotaku!

      No? I remember most of the articles being positive.

        There was a review they did initially that got a lot of backlash because the guy just didn't like it cause it didn't fit his anime harem fantasy.

        Last edited 27/09/16 2:26 am

        Richard Eisenbeis - who writes most of the extended articles on anime here on Kotaku - basically ignored OPM for 2015. It didn't rate a single mention (outside of the comment section) in "Five Must-Watch Anime For Fall 2015" ( and couldn't even get a mention as runner-up in "The Five Best Anime Of 2015" (

        It wasn't until late January this year - a month after the first season ended - that we suddenly got two articles about OPM from two authors. Serrels' article was definitely a positive one, but Eisenbeis didn't seem hugely impressed by the series (which by then would have surprised nobody given that he was the one to write the Must-Watch and Best of... lists).

        It was bizarre to see every other pop culture website psyched about OPM from start to finish, only to have Kotaku completely ignore it.

      Wasnt a review... It was a "best anime this season" article and OMP didnt make his list and comments were all for OMP.

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    Did anyone think they wouldn't make a second season?

      I think it had more to do with content. The first season covered the first 50ish chapters of the manga, so the second should cover the second 50ish, which I understand only recently got released.

    Great news! Now holding out for Overlord season 2, which will probably not happen

      I'm more holding out for a second season of Hataraku Maou-sama, which also probably not happen.

        im more holding out for a second season of FireFly, which also probably not happen.

    HOLY SHIT!! someone go get me a towel, quick!

    Christmas came early and so did I!

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