Overwatch Players Are Terrified Of Getting Powered Up By Ana

Overwatch Players Are Terrified Of Getting Powered Up By Ana

You’re playing Overwatch, and the match is going well, all things considered. You have a 10-elimination streak going, and your team just reached the second checkpoint with time to spare. But then you hear the words. The doom words. “You’re powered up! Get in there.” Crap.

Beloved sniper mum Ana’s ult gives any single ally a massive boost to speed, damage and resilience. A well-timed Ana ult along with, say, a Genji hack ‘n’ slash fest can turn the tide of a whole match.

With great power comes great responsibility… and a shitload of pressure. One time, I got hit with Ana’s ult as Reinhardt and immediately charged off a cliff. Another time, an Ana put my Pharah in “HULK SMASH” mode, and I rocketed into the sky and unleashed my ult on an unsuspecting crowd of nobody. Another time still, an Ana used her ult on my Lucio, and I just stood there and stared at her with a look on my face that said, “Why.”

It’s not just me. Ana’s ult has become a meme in many corners of the Overwatch community. Here are some of my favourite examples:




  • This happened to me the other day when I was Junkrat. Panic sprayed and ended up blowing myself up.

  • The problem comes when there’s no communication with the team.
    If you’re playing as Ana, let everyone know your ultimate is charged. Then, wait and see who responds with “My ultimate is charged” and boost them. This is especially useful with Genji, Reaper, Roadhog, Bastion, Winston, etc.
    If you’re playing with Ana in your team, take note of how long it’s been since she’s used her ult. If it’s been a while and she’s been doing some healing, consider not blowing your ult on 2 people (if practical) so you can reply if she says she’s got an ult ready to drop.

    The problem people really have with Ana is that the person playing her just decides to randomly ult anyone they can see. If you don’t coordinate her ult properly, it’s absolutely useless. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been pushing the payload as Reinhardt while our team pushes the enemy back and Ana has decided to use her ult on me instead of one of the DPS units who are 40m in front of us.

    • There is a downside though.
      I like to play Ana, and I always let people know my ult is ready. The thing is, not everyone repays the favour. I can get stuck with my ult charged for ages, long enough to charge my ult a second time, cause I’m waiting for someone useful to say that their ult is ready so I can buff them. Occasionally you just have to buff someone out of the blue so you’re not left sitting with it.

      Though there is a feature some don’t know about. If you bring up the team / enemy list, it shows you which allies have their ults charged too (and who’s dead).

      • Yep, you’re correct. If you hold the touchpad on PS4 you’ll see the current player list; anyone on your team with a tick under their portrait has their ult charged.

        I should also make this clear; I’m in no way disparaging anyone playing Ana with what I’ve said. It’s a hard role and one I’m certainly unable to play well in any capacity (I’m exponentially better with Mercy than I am with Ana).

    • This! I mean it’s the same problem that underscores most issues in Overwatch, lack of communication, but yeah. I’ve actually been Ana ulted as I’m leaving our spawn point. wtf did they expect me to do with that? Haha.

  • If nobody acknowledges me when my ult is ready I will just power up whoever is already engaging the enemy. No pressure. Honest

  • I was once powered up as a Zenyatta. I screamed why?! incredibly loudly and threw balls wildly in a panic.
    @lucifer9783 was boosted as Mercy which made him freak out.

  • I have just spawned as Zarya with 0% charge, shields on CD and 30% ulti ready “YOU’RE POWERED UP, GET IN THERE.”

    I have 100% charge, shield ready, graviton surge ready *tumble weed*

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