Overwatch Test Patch Adds A Ton Of New Voice Lines

Yesterday, Overwatch's public test server got an update that added new spectator options and tweaked the balance of Ana, Widowmaker and Junkrat in ways that may or may not make it into the regular game. But that's not all. Overwatch players have spent the past 24 hours digging up heaps of new voice lines for the game's characters, some of which seem to correspond to new levels (read: Eichenwalde) and legendary skins, while others hint at possible ability changes. And of course, some are just in for flavour.

Some of the best (via Venxa, who's trying to round up every line they can find):

There are heaps more, some of which you can hear in this video by Hammeh - Overwatch:

There are two big gameplay changes hinted at by these lines: 1) Every character will say something to let the team know Ana has boosted them, and 2) Symmetra has some new lines for teleporters and shields which suggest big changes might be on the way.

Blizzard also re-recorded some pre-existing lines. For instance, Mercy now says, "Piece of cake," instead of, "Piss of kek," which has some players grieving like they lost a dear friend. Here's a video of that from Krawket:

Have you spent any time with the new PTR patch? Find anything interesting?


    Now they just need to add a line from Junkrat in response to Roadhog

    "I'm a one man apocalypse!"
    "More like a one man aporkalypse"

      I always wanted a "I'm a one man aporkalypse" for roadhog. Maybe we should have both

    The bubble tea thing seems like a curious choice for Junkrat. I wonder if they're going to start evolving the relationships between characters. Maybe a mutual taste for weird lumpy drinks is the first step in moving past the hostility between Mei and Junkrat.

    I don't know if it was just me imagining it, but I noticed that the amount of teleportations that Symmetra's Ult was coming up in the chat bar? It's a great idea as it's kind of hard to know how many uses you have left, particularly if you are trying to 'save' the teleporter uses for more desperate occasions.

    I thought I heard Mei say that, but I was jsut playing quick play and not on one of the public test servers :S

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