Paladins Overtakes GTA V On Steam

Paladins Overtakes GTA V On Steam

You could argue that being free-to-play immediately gives Hi-Rez’s shooter an advantage. But the free-to-play game is quickly picking up popularity on Steam, surpassing long-time favourites on Steam such as Rust, Skyrim, Arma 3 and GTA V.

Paladins has been kicking around for while; anyone who attended PAX Australia last year might have played around with it a little on the exhibition floor. But the game’s open beta only officially kicked off around 10 days ago, and has quickly become one of the most popular titles on Steam.

Comparisons between Paladins and Overwatch don’t seem to have hurt, either. Its free-to-play nature works for people who didn’t want to shell out $60 or more for Overwatch. The game’s also been revamped substantially in the last year; the look is much sharper, and the gameplay has been sped up substantially.

It’s a helpful reminder of just how popular the team-based, MOBA-esque formula still is. There’s no word on when Paladins plans to leave Early Access, although if the path of similar games — Heroes of the Storm and SMITE come to mind — you can probably expect a full release within 12 to 18 months.

Paladins is free to download on Steam right now.


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