Picking Apart A Single Frame In DOOM 

Ever wonder what exactly goes into rendering each painstakingly detailed frame in a game like DOOM (2016)? Well, Adrian Courrèges, a software Engineer based in Tokyo, has you covered.

Taking an in-depth look at one particular screenshot, Courrèges explains step-by-step all of the different processes and considerations at play:


You can either read intently about deferred shading, voxels and screen space reflections, or simply marvel at each of the visual layers needed to accurately and gruesomely render each Gore Nest.

DOOM (2016) — Graphics Study [Adrian Courrèges]



    Link to the discussion. Great read.

    It's a shame they didn't concentrate as much on making it fun, though. It's an 'okay' game that looks fantastic. Almost the same problem Quake 4 suffered from.

      I don't know what game you were playing, because it sure as hell wasn't the same one I played. DOOM was nothing but pure run-and-kill-oh-crap-I'm-low-on-health-guess-I'll-just-KILL-MORE fun.

        Really? The version I played was fucking lame 'glory kill' after fucking lame 'glory kill' played out to a plot almost worthy of a CoD script. It seemed to be the embodiment of everything I hate console games for. Now if you had a blast playing it, that's all that matters. I didn't get have that experience personally, but Doom's a difficult beast to deal with. I think I went in hoping for the experiences I had with Doom when I was a teenager (largely because a few buds told me it was just like it), and was disappointed when it was nothing like it at all. I think this was a life lesson learned about expectations vs reality for me.

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