Platforming Shooter Rive Blends Explosive Combat With Quiet Exploration

Video: Rive is a mixed platforming and shoot 'em up title out now on PC and the Playstation 4. Frantic and full of robots to blast, it's a fun title. It's also the last game that developer Two Tribes will ever make. We jump in and blast all the robots! The game has an "anything goes" sentiment in the design. It shifts from twin stick shooting and explosions to exploration in quiet, dilapidated spaceship hallways. With a challenging approach to play that feels like it stumbled out of an arcade, Rive has a ton of ups and downs but usually lands on its feet. WiiU and Xbox One versions are planned as well.


    You DEFINITELY need to do a let's play with a cigar now. And awesome find. Definitely picking this up now.

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