Podcast: The Destiny Grind Is Back Again

Podcast: The Destiny Grind Is Back Again

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen we're talking about Destiny frustrations, Destiny 2, and the lovely new game Inside.

Rise of Iron is great in many ways — especially the raid — but it's also got a whole host of problems, as Kirk and I discuss on this week's show. The new levelling system feels in many ways like regression for Destiny — a return to the grindy, player-unfriendly issues that plagued Year One. But hey, at least it seems like Destiny 2 will be a fresh start.

This week we're also doing a deep-dive into Inside, a fantastic game from the makers of Limbo that you should really read nothing about — just go play it.

You can listen to this week's episode on iTunes or Google Play. Or find it directly on Simplecast. (MP3 download here.)


    to complain about the grind is to complain about the very type of game it is aiming to be. the problem with grinding is that it is so subjective, I never feel the grind in the game, well other than the fact there should be more more variety of bounties to do by this stage. make them more challenging and forcing you to mix things up a little. More variety equals less of that same same feeling. I felt like there should be more danger in the patrols as well, they could easily double the mob numbers in the new zones and through in a few tougher sections.

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