Pokemon GO Plus Melted EB's Website For A Second (But Now It's Back)

A shooting star flashes across the night sky in a silhouetted forrest near Mt. Rainier in Washington State.

As of 12pm today the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is available for pre-order at EB Games. It's a retail exclusive for EB and considering the insane popularity of the game, interest is high.

So high in fact that EB's site to a massive hit when pre-orders went live.


But credit to EB, the problem was solved relatively quickly, and it looks as though there are still units available. Most likely they won't last long.

You can pre-order the device here, but our very own Hayley Williams isn't exactly a fan. Her words: "I’m just not sure there’s a real reason for this gadget to exist".


    Got mine. Thanks for the heads up, Mark.

    Hayley's on the money with a few things, but I'm thinking this is going to suit me as a player who doesn't have the luxury of many varied Pokemon around them. To go on long-winded journeys staring at the phone, didn't strike me as interesting when the game launched, nor does it interest me now. Even with following the app's update cycles.

    With this, like my other wearable stuff, it'll notify me /when I've forgotten about it/ about what it's for. That's why I wear my Jawbone at least.

    I'm a little unclear on one thing though. Does the app have to be activated? I believe it does. But it would be nice to be able to know.

      It looks like you need to have the app running for this to work.
      So I still don't see the point of it. Your phone is going to be running the app and vibrate/make a noise whenever a pokemon appears. I suppose it will alert you to pokestops?

        Yeah, the pokestops are by defintion non-descript 'landmarks' by you Ingress mob anyway :D - if I'm in unfamiliar territory I reckon it'll work well.

        Of course I don't know yet if that's going to be good in practise.

          you ingress mob?

            Apologies, I thought you were a veteran of that game.

              Well yes, although I didn't mention it in this thread. I'm just surprised that you had that information tied to my name. I recognise a handful of names but that's about it. Nothing really about them.

                I've been looking at signing up, is all. I don't live in an area that's particularly full of Ingress players hwoever it seems :)

                  It's got a deeper level of strategy than Pokemon and teams mean a lot more. Hopefully there have been some players in your area in the past and it's populated with portals. They used the same data for pokestops, so if you have a bunch of them, you are golden. There are actually way more portals, but they cut a heaps out when there were lots close together. A park that might have 10 portals may have 3-4 pokestops.

        The app only has to be running in the background for you to be able to catch Pokemon/use Poke Stops. What a lot of people are getting mixed up is that it can't track steps while the app isn't open (read: the wearable doesn't track steps at all)

          What exactly does that mean? You have it open but can then turn the screen off?

          Last edited 12/09/16 2:43 pm

            basicly useless, that what it mean you phone foes the same thing.

          Which is like, the opposite of every other wearable ever.

    Bookmarking this article for the next time someone says no one plays Pokémon go anymore.

      No one plays Pokeyman Go anymore


      well to be fair.... it really depends on EB's website right? 500 people could crash the site if it's poorly run and they all came at the same time.

        Your theory appears to be based on four conjectures:

        1) that EB Games, a national video game paraphernalia vendor, can attend a maximum load of a small speculative maximum, in this case ~500 individual connections;
        2) said maximum is equal to or less than the entirety of the Pokémon GO playing population in Australia;
        3) that the entirety of the Pokémon Go playing population would purchase a Pokémon Go Plus unit; and finally,
        4) whatever number is represented by conjectures 1-3, is equivalent to "nobody"

        For 1, I consider 500 to be far too low for a brand the size of EB games. I'd suggest even ten times that is too few, but I certainly don't have the data to back this up. For 2 and 3, I doubt that every Pokémon Go player in Australia wants a Pokémon Go Plus and attempted to purchase one this morning. I periodically check in with Pokémon Go and I certainly can't be bothered buying a $50 wearable that doesn't even passively track my steps when they could just update the app to use my Fitbit like other apps do. 4, if we take "nobody" literally then any number greater than zero disproves it, and obviously at least one person bought a Pokémon Go Plus (or tried to) today. Even accepting conjecture 1 and your throwaway estimate of the site handling an upper limit of 500 unique visitors before crashing, I'd say we've defeated even the colloquial interpretation of "nobody".

          are you okay? he said "500 people could crash the site if its poorly run". He never said that is their maximum capacity.

            All a visitor to a site does is generate traffic.

    The app needs to be running (and not in the background) for the wearable to work, just a heads up

      Actually it runs in the background: Pokémon GO Plus can also be used while Pokémon GO is running in the background on smartphones**.


    Do beleive these are now sold out, at least on EB website

    I thought it would be cooler than that. What is the point in having the dumb thing? The whole point is not having the app run so it doesn't kill your battery all the freaking time. Not worth my money

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