Who Are The Real Pokemon Sun And Moon Villains?

Pokemon Sun and Moon aren’t out yet, but they already have all sorts of ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Things get pretty wild in this second episode of THE SAVE FILES, a new YouTube show where we tackle gaming mysteries every week.

Do we know who the real villains of Sun and Moon are? Are Ultra Beasts Pokemon at all? All of that and more, in this instalment of The Save Files.


  • I hope the Aether Foundation don’t turn out to be “the bad guys” as such. It would be far more interesting if they’re left morally ambiguous. Doing things that may be considered bad in the name of good, and it’s up to each player to decide individually if they agree with or reject the foundation’s principals.
    But it’s a game for kids… It will get up and tell you what you should thing at some point.

  • i thought that it was already confirmed that ultrabeasts werent pokemon and they were completely separate from pokemon (note that type: null is not an ultrabeast)

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