Pokemon GO Glitches, Turned Into Nightmare Fusions

Sometimes, Pokemon GO borks everything up and displays different monsters merging with one another. One artist is using these glitches as inspiration for completely new (and often disturbing) creations. Illustration: @BrachyZoid

@BrachyZoid's Twitter feed has, for the last few weeks, been re-imagining screenshots sent by Pokemon GO fans. Originally the screenshots were just bugs, but BrachyZoid transformed them into something much more sinister:

A couple of fusions are even inspiring others, such as davidszilagyi, to draw their own nightmare renditions:

Not all Pokemon GO fusions are horrifying, however. The most popular fusion glitch to circulate the internet is "Geoduo", which is a cross between a Geodude and Dodrio:

Looks pretty silly, huh? This too set off a whole lotta internet fan art and Photoshops, as you can see below:

Via: nicolaijuani

By: @MissyMerlin

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    This is some Beast Wars shit.

    Loved Beast Wars.


    I had a Clefairy with a Mankey tail yesterday. Sadly not nearly as exciting as these.

    The best I've seen was a Lickitung standing in an unfortunate position behind a Squirtle.

      to make a 'licknsquirt'? or is it 'squirtnlick'?

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