Pokemon Red And Blue Hack Lets You Play As A Girl

Fun fact: The concept art for the Pokemon Red and Blue games showcased a female character that never actually made it into the final game. Actually, gender options for the main character didn't appear until Pokemon Crystal, in 2001. While the option is now present in modern Pokemon games (including the remakes), it's the O.G. games that people remember most fondly. Twitter user mahoushoujorose went back to those original games and edited them with the additional trainer option, and you can see the hack in action in the video above. It's a small detail, but it's still cool to have.

At least one player busted out the 'ol Game Boy to play it:


You can download the ROM edit here.


    Given Nintendo's current track record, DMCA in 5-

    The girl, Green, was in the Manga (which was really impressive, a lot darker than the games. Corrupt gym leaders working for team rocket, Pokemon getting sliced in half...

      That sounds amazing.... got a link?

        Afraid not, I've got the physical books. I'm pretty sure if you google something like "Read online Pokemon Manga English" you'll probably find it.

    I hope its not breaking any T&C's

      What, the terms and conditions of having access to the Twitter service? :P

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