Poland Makes An Official Witcher Postage Stamp

Hey, I know that guy! Postage stamps not devilishly handsome enough? Poland has a solution for you. The Witcher, a series about a monster hunter who's perpetually dour because Obama won't play his video game, is a bit of A Thing over in its native land of Poland.

Poctza Polska, Poland's biggest postal operator, is collaborating with Witcher developer CD Projekt to turn Geralt's lusty mug into an official stamp. It will be a limited run of 180,000.

Here it is up close:

It's not the best pic of Geralt ever, who appears to be very sleepy from having sex with everything or perhaps a drug habit taken up to cope with his newfound celebrity status. Still though, it's pretty neat!

The Witcher originally rose to prominence in Poland as a landmark novel series by Adrzej Sawpkowski. Video games, however, turned Geralt into a global sensation and icon for aspiring beard-havers everywhere. Yeah, this is ultimately a promotional stunt, but it's a pretty big deal for a video game character — especially one from an oftentimes-goofy single-player fantasy RPG. We live in interesting times.


    landmark novel series by Adrzej Sawpkowski

    Well done, pulled a Eurogamer and misspelled both his names!

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