Police Dealing With Pokemon GO Chaos In Tokyo 

In the past few days, a rare Pokemon has been spotted in Tokyo's Odaiba. Loads of people have shown up to catch it, and the crowds have become so big that the police were called in to handle the situation.

[Image: maroTTmaro]

Which has looked like this:

Damn. Folks have been running to catch Lapras, ignoring traffic lights in the process and causing all sorts of headaches, hazards and potential accidents. Because of the Pokemon's location, people are overwhelming the roads and spilling out into traffic.

Twitter users have been calling this a "Lapras panic."

According to NHK, the police have contacted the game's developers, asking them for their cooperation to ensure this Pocket Monster's location is in a safer place.

As bad as the Lapras panic is, Taiwan perhaps still holds the record for the worst Pokemon GO stampedes.


    Seriously.. common sense and a bit of intelligence people

    The spawn points changed for various locations over the weekend. I imagine a Lapras spawn point was added to Odaiba. Another reason why having a pokemon scanning app actually makes it a safer game, since you can see when and where it appears and not be in such a panic to get it.

    Most of these media stories are beat-ups. It's no different to anywhere else in the world.

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