Postal 2 Update Opens Secret Area That Was Closed For 13 Years

Postal 2 Update Opens Secret Area That Was Closed For 13 Years

Postal 2, a 2003 PC game known for open-ended design and “offensive” humour that ran the gamut from wannabe-South-Park to downright ugly, recently did something pretty clever.

We’re a bit late on this, but it’s cool enough to warrant talking about anyway. For more than a decade, Postal 2 contained a roped-off section in the game’s Paradise Mall. A sign read, “CLOSED FOR RENOVATION. Reopening June 2016.” June 2016 rolled around, and remarkably, given that Postal 2 is a game from 2003, the place reopened.

The new location leads to a pastiche of an HTC Vive VR headset, promising the player a glimpse of the future. They’re then transported to… a brick-and-mortar version of Steam, with a dick for its logo. Yep, it’s still Postal 2.

It’s unabashedly an ad for Postal Redux, a hi-def version of the first game in the series, but some of the small details in the “Steme” shop are funny. The shelves are littered with fake games like DOOT IV and Half-Loaf 3. The store clerk also advises you to not buy Postal 3, which is very, very good advice. After you exit The Future, your character says, “Well, I suppose that was worth the wait.”

Developer Running With Scissors began sporadically updating Postal 2 again in 2014, so this isn’t entirely unprecedented. Still, it’s pretty funny. Running With Scissors delivered on a joke 13 years in the making. Say what you will about the Postal series, but you’ve gotta give the developers credit for dedication.


  • I read “Portal 2” and experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. Excitement, confusion, disappointment, depression, in that order

    • Same here and I was so confused when I started reading and it said Postal, I had to reread the word to make sure I read it correctly.

    • I came here due to my love of Postal 2 even though I haven’t played it in over a decade. Then I began to reminisce about fighting Gary Coleman and peeing in peoples mouths until they throw up… ahh memories.

    • Me too…(er, three, no wait, six). Seriously dissapointed, though admittedly part of my brain was saying “but…portal 2 isn’t 13 yrs old”.

    • Lol, glad I’m in good company cause I did the same thing. Started getting angry that the author was calling portal 2 a south-park wannabe, then read the released in 2003 bit… “What, you crazy man… Oh, wait… poStal 2… “

  • Postal 2 … yeah I gotta dig up my purchase key for the uncensored US version so I can install it on Parallels. 13 years already huh ? THERE’S something that needs remaking in GTAV 🙂

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