Quote Puts You In Pursuit Of Ignorance

Video: Quote is an action-RPG where you, a servant of the god of ignorance, try to destroy all knowledge. You do this by slaying heretics, smashing authors and burning books. It has a surreal look to it, and it's inspired by authors like Vonnegut and Bradbury. It will be out later this year. Here's a trailer:

Worth noting: I used to work with one of the writers on this game, Alec Meer, at Rock Paper Shotgun. He's a nice person with good, curly hair, and I consider him a friend. People seem to think he's quite talented, but I'll always remember the time his face was used to censor a dick in a modded version of Skyrim (scroll down a bit, past Jeff Goldblum).


    I remember playing this a few years back.. It was called Bastion then, though

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