Reminder: ALDI Is Selling 65″ 4K TV’s For $799

Reminder: ALDI Is Selling 65″ 4K TV’s For $799

Since we’re about to move into a world of 4K consoles, it might be handy to have a 4K TV. And if you want to get one for the cheapest price possible, ALDI has a deal that’s a bit eye-opening.

From tomorrow morning, ALDI stores around Australia will be selling 65-inch Bauhn-branded 4K LCD TV’s for $799.

Take note that you’re getting what you pay for here: while the TV has a native 4K res (3840×2160), a contrast ratio of 4700:1 and maximum brightness of 300cd/m2, you’ll also have to deal with 6ms response time. And it doesn’t support HDR.

Then again, you’re also getting a 4K TV for $799. You couldn’t buy the PSVR and an original PS4 for that.

Reminder: ALDI Is Selling 65″ 4K TV’s For $799
Reminder: ALDI Is Selling 65″ 4K TV’s For $799


Here’s the full list of specifications, if you’re intrigued:

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Panel Native Refresh Rate: 60Hz Brightness: 300 cd/m2 Contrast ratio: 4700:1 Response Time (GTG): 6ms Viewing angle (H x V): 176 X 176 HDMI version: 2.0 HDCP version: 2.2 Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
Video Formats: AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, TS, MKV Music Formats: MP3, WMA, AAC Photo: JPG/JPEG Text: TXT Power Source: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz Power Consumption: With Stand: 1462 × 305 × 892 mm (w x d x h) Without Stand: 1462 x 88 x 840 mm (w x d x h) Weight w/Stand: 22.3kg Weight w/out Stand: 22.02kg


Nothing particularly special, but then for a lot of people it does the trick.

If you are thinking of biting the bullet on this, you’d better make your mind up today. As always with ALDI’s weekend offerings, stock is limited to whatever is available in each store. If one runs out, you’ll have to physically go to another to pick one up.

And if you do decide to make the plunge: I wish you the best of luck. Saturday morning special shopping can be, shall we say, rough.


  • My two worries were that it would be a bit too slow, and that hdr would make it slower.

    Are there any 1080p TV’s with hdr? I don’t need the big res but I do appreciate the depth of hdr. I assume a 4k TV with hdr AND a fast response time is quite the big-ticket item.

    I bought my last TV with my launch day xbox 360. I’m several 360’s in, but the old 720p Sammy is still chugging along. At times I wish it would just die, it’s pretty hard to sneak a new TV past the wicket keeper.

    • It seems like I bought my 42 inch 1080 tv around the same time as you. I’m also currently in the market for a new tv, so I’ve had to look into it and find which one is the best.

      As far as I can tell from a quick skim read of the internet, a 6ms response time is really not that bad? Maybe? I note it is not Gray to Gray and not Black to Black, though. This is the first 4k tv I’ve seen on sale with a 60hz refresh rate, though. Everything I’ve looked up is either 100hz or 200hz. 200hz is apparently not that good, as when gaming it will insert extra frames, making the picture look too languid.

      Just as important, if not moreso to a gamer, is input lag. This has to be specifically tested for, and I don’t think websites have information on an Aldi tv.

      I’d argue with the wicket keeper, buddy. All tvs will be 4k in future until something better comes along.

      The one TV I’m looking at right now is the LG 55UH652T if anyone else is reading and has advice for me. It’s almost certainly what I’ll buy.

    • Look at an Epson prjoector. Both my TW5200 and TW6600 have been amazing for gaming 😉

      Latency has been amazing on them too! Blows my 70″ sharp out of the water.

    • I hear you! I bought my Panny back when Panasonic actually made their own screens. It’s a plasma too so not even LCD. It has to be going on 7 or 8 years old now at least.
      But it keeps on going.
      And yeah can’t really sneak a new TV past the wicket keeper when the old one works just fine.

    • Almost the same boat as you. My LG Plasma 55″ power board died the other day, but in the end it works out cheaper to repair it and hold onto it for another 2 years and by what ever is top of the pile then. Reeeealllly want a new TV that isn’t plasma 🙁

  • My flatmate wants one, he doesn’t game or anything but our lounge is huge and his 42″ is just too small. I have my 4K 55″ in my room. He wants me down at Aldi at 8:30 tomorrow to help him walk it home.

  • I’ve not had experience with this TV but I used an Aldi (Braun) one before (40″) and they have a few features not listed.
    – 20 second wait for tv to boot up
    – slow response changing channels and sound.

  • I picked this TV up the last time it was at Aldi, think it was $1200 back then. Returned it the next day. Apart from the massive shadows on the screen caused by poor back lighting and I do mean massive shadows, it barely had any settings which could be adjusted, it was pretty much WYSIWYG.

      • Cheers for the correction mate. Assuming this version is otherwise similar to the LED one, I would be wary of getting it. Would depend on how much people like to adjust their sets. 🙂

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