Reminder: Overwatch Is Free This Weekend

I have no idea why Overwatch is free this weekend. Free weekends are usually the domain of games that are struggling to find an audience. Overwatch is not that game. Obviously.

Maybe Blizzard is just like, bugger it, let's crush every single competitor in the market in one fell swoop.

Either way, a reminder: Overwatch is free this weekend, you should play it. You're probably already playing it. Play it some more.

All hail Overwatch.

Starting from the predictably awkward time of 4am (thanks Australia) you can download Overwatch on the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. The game will remain free until 9am this coming Tuesday. Now might be a good time to pull that age-old Monday sickie. All players on the 22-strong Overwatch roster will be available.

Also: if you decide to buy the game once the trial period is up, the game will save your progress. This is also pretty cool.

Have fun.


    I got really excited until I realised it was only for consoles. Was hoping to try it out on PC.

      You can't even log in to their Overwatch forums if you have the console version.

      Ditto, I am not sure if my PC can run it so last thing I want to do is spend the money on a game I can't play.

      Bring on the free weekend for PC.

    I have never played an FPS with a Playstation pad, should be an interesting experience.

    What's there to, like, know going in?

      RE: the gameplay and heroes, there are audio cues for every ultimate. If you can spare a few minutes, check out a video on what the cues are and what the ults do, and what you can/should do to avoid them.

      Besides that just jump in and have fun. Keep in mind that all the maps are objective based (escort payload, point capture etc) and that just killing the other team doesn't directly contribute to winning. You have to get on the objective =D

      Also, if you find that a particular hero is owning you/your team, know that there are hard counters to every hero. You'll prob find a lot of Bastions and/or Torbjorns on the free weekend, and they seem hard to kill at first, but pick an appropriate hero and you'll demolish them.

    Anyone know if we can start downloading it before then because if i can only start downloading the 15GB saturday morning when i wake up it probably wont be downloaded until sunday afternoon/night leaving me 1 day to play it.

    A potato can run it bro

    I wasn't sure before, but having played it last night thanks to being free ... I think I now understand Overwatch.

    So, you have to pay to play normally?

    Well this worked. Played it all weekend, love it and when it closes come Tuesday morning Blizzard can have my money - hooked.

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