Samsung Postpones Note7 Deliveries Until Further Notice

When your brand new smartphone literally blows up while charging, everyone tends to get a little bit cranky and the manufacturer involved tends to move pretty fast. And that appears to be happening with the Samsung Galaxy Note7, with a spokesperson from Samsung Australia confirming that all deliveries of the Note7 have been delayed locally until further notice.

Our sister site Gizmodo, who first reported the news, were told by the Samsung Australia representative that "shipments of Galaxy Note 7 are being temporarily delayed for additional quality assurance inspections".

Gizmodo was also able to reveal that Samsung will make an announcement tomorrow morning about a potential recall:

Gizmodo has been told by a source with knowledge of the situation that an announcement will be made on Friday morning Australian time, if the recall proceeds. That’s when we’ll have confirmation if all Note7 models around the world are in fact affected. According to our source, it is understood a recall of Note7s may be coordinated by Samsung locally through its Australian retail and telco partners.

For more breaking information about what's happening with the Samsung phone, stay tuned to Cam's original report.


    How about the Boot loop issue?
    I was hit with it today. only fix is to ROM the phone with a custom OS

    As long as the issue is resolved in 3 months once my current plan expires, I do not care in the slightest.

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