Samsung's New Phone Is Having A Few Explosive Issues

Image: KKJ.CN/Gizmodo

Every now and again, Australia gets lucky in the world of technology: we get things first. Like with Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy Note 7.

It hasn't shipped in the United States yet, but Australians started getting their hands on it from August 19. South Koreans and Canadians have already got the phones as well. But there's just one problem: it's, uh, possibly exploding.

Reuters reported this morning that shipments for the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed following reports from users that the phone is exploding. A report appeared on Android Community last week, while Business Korea revealed a second case from South Korean social media.

"My boyfriend's Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging at night. I woke up by the bang and the smell of smoke," a South Korean user reportedly said.

It's believed that faulty USB-C charging cables could be the culprit, although it could also happen when a non-official cable is connected to a micro-USB adaptor.

Gizmodo reported earlier this year about the dangers of crappy USB-C cables, and given that the PC and mobile industry is moving increasingly towards the USB-C standard its something users should be aware of.

To their credit, Samsung has delayed further shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 to conduct "additional tests ... for product quality". They didn't specify anything beyond that, although it's undoubtedly a pain in Samsung's pocket. They already had to push back the Note 7 launch in some countries due to demand, and investors won't be thrilled about any potential delays due to faults.

Mind you, a delay is a hell of a lot better than literally being woken up by things that go bang in the night.


    Samsung continues to exist by having its cheap crappy parts survive slightly longer than the usual 24 month phone cycle. Now they're lucky to get 24 hours. Great (!)

      right on cue here come the apple fanboys.
      Atleast samsung are admintting it straight away and are doing tests.

      If it was apple they wouldnt recall. instead they'd just say we're holding it wrong.

        Oh look ... a guest account jumping to conclusions that if you're not Samsung, you're Apple. Grow up.

          So, which phone manufacturer do you believe uses expensive, quality parts?

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