Image: Kotaku

Well, it wasn't one minute — but it only took Batguy six minutes to nail yesterday's game as Castle of Illusion from the SEGA Master System. God he's quick.

Today's scribble comes from me. Time to ramp up the difficulty.

Pushing my drawing skills to the limit here. Hopefully things are still recognisable. I have a feeling there are a couple who might immediately know what I'm going for here, but we'll see.

Good luck! And email in if you'd rather draw on a post-it than look at mine.


    Looks like a Murloc. Or Tidehunter from Dota 2.

    Is it an Infernal Troglodyte from Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

      That's right! Good pick on the upgraded type as well.

    Heroes of might and magic 3, the infernal troglodyte to be precise.

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