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Last one of the working week. It's ScribbleTaku time. Let's see if I can't leave you all with something to ponder for most of the day.

In case you're wondering what yesterday's game was, it was Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Lordoftheguns and alphamone both picked the creature as an infernal trogolydyte, which is the upgraded level 1 creature (cannon fodder, basically) for the evil-aligned Dungeon race.

Dungeon was always the love/hate kind of town — if you hated it, you really hated it. And those that loved it considered it one of the strongest in the game, although manticores were always a bit crappy and poorly priced cor what they brought to the table. And the troglodytes ... well, they were pretty ordinary too. Not crap, but nothing special.

Anyway, a new game! And also one of the worst drawings I've done in a while. Sorry about that. But it's recognisable enough. Hopefully. I'm really sorry!

Have a great weekend, and good luck! And if you want to have your own scribbles featured, let me know!


    Are you taking acid before drawing.. again?? Or is this a 'shroom inspired doodle? Cheers!

    @alexwalker: It's Alex Walker himself; first thing in the morning with the old school round shaving mirror, :-P


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      You're not half wrong (although I did shave this morning)

    Given how much text there is I can't help but feel there's some kind of hint in there...

      I like it, talking about the featured game a little. Brings back some shades of Remember This? to it.

        The discussion this time was about yesterday's Scribbletaku, so no hint here. But I'm going to do that with a couple next week -- I like the idea of picking something super obscure and then offering a cryptic hint to make things fun. But doing that all the time is probably a bit much.

    Settlers has been said, soooo... Hercules?

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