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After almost half an hour Techneon was the first person to correctly pick yesterday's Scribbletaku as Theme Hospital. The skull was taken from the main menu screen, a trick that Bullfrog like to pull with a lot of their games, going back to Populous if I'm not mistaken.

So! Yesterday was 26 minutes precisely. Let's see if I can hold down the fort for a little while longer.

This should be a little bit trickier. I hope. Fingers crossed.

Don't forget, you can email in your own scribbles if you want to try your hand at keeping readers flummoxed.


    System Shock?
    kinda reminds me of a panel to open a door... think I've seen it recently maybe at SGDQ
    Dark Forces?

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    No idea, but that is a pretty cool drawing. The straight lines and the swirl... very artistic!

    My Microwave is an Interdimensional Portal and All I Wanted Was Mac and Cheese VII: The Return of Lunch

    Can't remember the name of the game. Adventure game. A guy picks up his TV from the repair shop and gets the wrong TV (the TV was meant for this big Conan like guy). The TV transports him to another dimension. Couldn't think of the name for the life of me.

    I have no idea what the game is, but the bit about "holding down the fort" reminded me of this:


      Wait! Wait! I want to change my answer to Red Alert 2 Installer!

    For some reason I'm thinking Bart vs The Space Mutants? Or some kind of Simpsons game.

    Guys, print the picture, cut it out, and put on a pen and make a "pinwheel" and stare at it whilst it spins (no blinking!!) and then look at the walls. It's like the Lift ad from the 90's on TV that made the world go bubbly when you look at things. Reminiscent of Hypno-Toad!

      HYPNOTOAD!!! The DVD of Benders Big Score had a full episode of Everyone Loves Hypnotoad on it. That 22 minutes was awesome.

    Someone watching porno of extreme close up anus?

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