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Nobody picked up yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which quite frankly was a bit of a surprise. So as per usual conventions it's back for a second run, complete with a hint to help you all.

Even though you've proved yourselves in the past, it's still nice to know that I can tRip You up from Time to time. Lately I've Been wondering whether I could give you all A run for your money. Although I suppose you have to give me a bit of confidence every now and again.

Enjoy your hint!

Want to draw your own scribble and submit them to all and sundry? Then send them in!


    plague inc?

    So the clue might be "Betrayal" which might suggest something like Bioshock or Resident Evil?

      Lol why did I think it was Tabletry? My mind is screwing with me today...

      I Thought maybe AI Betrayal ( E R Y T L I B I A A ) was maybe the hint? aka Artificial Intelligence Betrayal. Pick a game with a betraying AI, some kind of Biological and evolution and bamn we have an answer =/ .... Every "horror" game ever from the ps1 and 2 eras

      Last edited 13/09/16 1:06 pm

    Whats living on the surface of my controller and in the crevices of my keyboards.

    Syphon filter?

    Edit- or maybe one of the assassins creed games going by the clue?

    Last edited 13/09/16 1:00 pm

    I have no idea what the picture but, just from the clue, is it Bit Trip Runner?

    For some reason I'm looking at the picture and seeing a map with trees and a river flowing through. This is not helping me solve this.

    Could be the overhead map from Betrayal at Krondor.

      That's it! Nice work.

        Nice. As a Feist fan, I really should go back and play that. #soslack

      Oh man I knew it was a map screen, but I've never played that game so I would never have gotten it. Good work sir!

    Idk Tomb Raider 2, reminds me of the door from the first level.

    It looks like a moon crater base I drew when I was 9, how did you get into my childhood drawings folder?

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