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So after two days of hanging around, my petry dish-esque scribble of Betrayal at Krondor was finally deduced by Zombie Jesus. As people surmised, it was one of the icons that appeared in the bottom half of the screen whenever you pulled up the overhead map.

Hopefully I wasn't going too far with the cryptic hint. Anyway, here's a new scribble for you all.

Not sure how long this one will stick around. Never know with this ... uh, sort of game. I can't really say anything more without giving it all away. So I'll leave it at that!

And if you want to draw your own scribbles, feel free! Send them in and I'll feature yours instead of mine. Honest.

Good luck!


    Splurty McBlurtspurts OCD Torture Chamber Simulator Pro 2000

    Pretty sure it's a "Make My Video" game for Sega CD. No idea which one, though - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?

    Could be Kriss Kross or C+C Music Factory.

    No-one's got it yet! You're thinking the right era though.

    Biker Mice from Mars! Or maybe Sonic the Hedgehog :P

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