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I'm a little surprised that nobody picked the most recent ScribbleTaku. It was Xenon 2 Megablast, an Amiga and Amiga ST game that eventually made its way to the PC, consoles and handhelds. It was a Bitmap Brothers game! I thought those were classics.

Anyway, final day of the working week. Let's see how you all do with this one.

Apologies for the slight mess-up on the bottom tracing there. I'm using a bottle of AussieLent — Soylent, basically — to do a circle, or something close to it. It usually works out a lot better than this, although I think the imagery is striking enough that you shouldn't have too many problems.

Don't forget, you can play along too! Just email in a picture of a scribble with the name of the game and I'll feature your drawings instead of my crappy ones.


    I spent months playing Xenon 2 and couldn't even recognise a single image of it now days. Curse you memory.

    The energy efficiency rating of my fridge.

      Nah, the circles would have to be inverted for that.

    Ah crap, Xenon 2, I knew that pic was familiar. The number of times I've looked up screenshots from the game because I've thought it was that, only to miss it when it actually was.

    Great game.

    A game that involves travelling through hoops/ loops or tunnels collecting stars???


    One of the Sonic The Hedgehog games?
    Possibly SegaSonic for the arcade?

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