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Last week's ScribbleTaku ended up stumping everyone, which is a bit surprising. It was Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, with the three stars taken from the bottom half of the logo on the box cover. I couldn't really use much else of the logo; it'd have given too much away.

But wow, what a week. Three scribbles, none of which got nailed on the first day. Let's see if you can redeem yourselves today.

I would be stunned if this scribble lasted a day. It's a bit of an off-beat game, but once you know it you'll never forget it. There certainly aren't many like it, that's for sure.

Want to play along? Send your own scribbles in here.


    New Zealand story.

      This is another game (like Xenon 2 the other day) that I've been hitting up screenshots of recently because I keep thinking someone had to do it sooner or later. Any time there was an animal I wondered if it was from this game.

    I was going to say Flicky, but it seems the informed majority has spoken.

    I recognise that bird but I don't know why.

      im in the same boat as you. it seems so familiar yet i wouldnt have been able to name the game.

    Biker Mice from Mars Story

      Moar Like Biker Mice from MarZealand. GEEZ :P

      or Vespa Kiwis from New Zealand would also be acceptable... And intensely cute.

    I actually knew this one, but so did everyone else :P

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