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So everyone seemingly picked up New Zealand Story yesterday, which is a little heartwarming. And to take you for another walk down memory lane, we have a new ScribbleTaku.

This one isn't from me — it's from my compatriot at Fairfax, senor Tim. His Rayman scribble kept everyone going for about 10 hours, so let's see how you all fair with this one.

Don't forget, you can force everyone to play along as well. Just email your scribble in with the name of the game and I'll feature it here.


    Star Wars Battlefront, they kinda look like the 'lives' icons

    Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube.

      Theeeeere it is!

      Man, that was bugging the hell out of me. I knew it was a health bar but I thought it was from something like Deus Ex.

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