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Turns out the little Aztec-esque face from Zuma Deluxe was harder to pick than I'd thought. I suppose it was never as popular as PopCap's other casual time killer, Peggle.

Anyway, it's the last day of the working week. One last chance to keep you thinking for a while.

Good luck! And don't forget to email your scribbles in if you want to have a go.


    Ultimate chicken horse?

    Super meat boy

      Definitely Super Meat Boy!

      I normally see these and have no idea, but this one jumped out. Must have played too much of the game. :D

    I'm not sure that this is the right name but is it 'ultimate chickenhorse'

      Damn, you beat me to it. It's definitely this.

      I think this is correct

        That's the one! Ultimate Chicken Horse's online mode came out of beta today, so I had it on the mind. Nice spot @noobi.

          That's what I get for always using a guest account to post, dang moderation checks.

            Was just about to say I think I got pipped by your unpublished comment, you beat me by a good 20 mins. That's awesome if they added online to that game, might pick that up now

              Ah it's fine, I'm just glad I actually recognized one for once :)

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