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Nobody got yesterday's ScribbleTaku — so it's time to have one last shot.

You'll want to think about space when it comes to this sort of game. No dodgy phones on those old Nokia bricks. Think back. Think hard.

That should be a sufficient hint to get everyone going. Good luck! And don't forget you can send your own scribbles in too.


    Space Impact

    Last edited 27/09/16 12:35 pm

    I'm thinking some sort of Arkanoid/Breakout game with the brick reference.

    Sort of makes me think of something like Jezzball, especially with that hint about space. Although the second half of that clue can't be parsed by my brain due to bad grammar...

      Ah JezzBall. I played the shiz out of that back in the day.

    Silent Hill Homecoming? Unlikely but I had it on my old brick of a phone.


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