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So not a good start to the ScribbleTaku week for you all. Nobody managed to pick up yesterday's game at all, which was Star Control 3. The scribble itself was part of the colony management screen, which wasn't one of the game's more popular elements. Probably why it didn't stick in the memory, I suppose.

But it's hump day! And a new scribble to challenge you all with. So let's see how you do on this one.

Going real classic with this one. I reckon it shouldn't take you all too long.

Good luck! And email me in some scribbles of your own. Even just to tease me with how superior your drawing skills are to mine.


    Looks like the trees from tiny wings :P

    Last edited 28/09/16 1:33 pm

    They remind me of a Commander Keen era sidescroller, but I can't place it. I will really cringe when I see the answer however!

    Jazz Jackrabbit

    Last edited 28/09/16 4:19 pm

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