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It took a few hours, but I kind of gave away yesterday's ScribbleTaku after posting that video about the look back at 2D side-scrollers. It's because the game in question was Jazz Jackrabbit, which Cliff Bleszinski produced early on in his career.

Nothing like a bit of nostalgia for hump day. And since we're almost at the end of the working week, here's some more nostalgia.

I feel like this should be iconic enough — the game, certainly — that hints aren't required. I had to load up a screenshot just to make sure I got some of the etching right, but hopefully my crappy drawing skills don't throw people off too much.

Good luck everyone! And send in your own scribbles if you like. It's fun.


    Is isometric game. Have seen.

    Is diablo 2 tombstone?

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

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