Shane Warne Has A VR Game About Shane Warne (And Cricket)

Shane Warne, or 'Warney' as he's affectionately known, has a video game. A VR game to be precise.

It's called 'King of Spin'.

Here is a picture of Shane Warne wearing a VR headset.

Here's a picture of Shane Warne's face about to be chucked into the video game.

Here is a picture of Shane Warne talking passionately about his new project. He looks quite dashing here. Black is his colour.

The people behind this game have tremendous beards. Tremendous.

Actually, now that I think about it, everyone involved in this video game has a beard.

Even this camera guy in the background...

The crux of the game: you face down Shane Warne, the king of spin. If you're into cricket and have a VR headset (that strikes me as a pretty lean Venn Diagram) it might be worth giving it a shot.

It looks like this:

And also this:

The bad news: early user reviews have not been kind.

The game is currently in early access, and is set to stay there for a few more months. Apparently 'sponsored content' is planned for the game, which doesn't sound great, but the game itself seems fundamentally sound. The game looks like it will also be released on mobile devices as well.

Sure, why not.


    King of Meat Spin more like, AMIRITE BOIZ????

    maturity at max, I know.

    Last edited 09/09/16 10:19 am

    Yeah nah you wouldn't want something from Warnie on your mobile.

    Trust me.


    Wicked Witch strikes again. Does that company make anything that isn't shovelware?

    They'd have done better making a Warney game detailing his out of cricket adventures. At least then if it sucked, it would have at least been funny

    If this isn't an Elizabeth Hurley dating simulator... then what's even the point?

    Can i stave in his botox and plastic riddled face with a vr cricket bat? If not, no deal.

    Needs more VR durry smoking and pie eating to be about warnie.

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