Someone Made New DOOM In Old DOOM


What's the Hell equivalent of Inception? Hellception? DOOOOOOOOOOM? Either way, it's the latest DOOM remade inside the original DOOM.

As the months have gone on, id has made SnapMap increasingly powerful. But it's certainly not at the point where we can expect to see total conversions or even full recreations of campaigns.

So, if you can't remake the original DOOM inside new DOOM — why not remake the new DOOM inside old DOOM?

The whole thing was put together using the advanced Doom, Hexen and Heretic editor, Doombuilder. What's intriguing is how they got weapons from the new DOOM in there as well, including the pistol's secondary attack and the effect on the crosshair.

It apparently took around a fortnight or so to put together. They haven't said whether they'll recreate all of the new DOOM's levels in the aging engine, as remarkably cool as that would be.

Here's hoping the whole game gets remade though — it'd be a hell of a lot of fun exploring those larger levels in the classic DOOM style.


    That looks amazing. Is it literally just the first level though? After watching the video I really want to play it but not if I've already seen it all.

    That's freaking sweet as! :D

    I doubt they will remake the entire game (and even if they tried, I bet Bethesda/id would put a stop to it), but I've got my fingers crossed.

      I could be wrong, but I don't think it would be possible for them to recreate other levels due to limitations with the doom engine. If I remember correctly you can't have a room above a room - which most levels in the new one have a fair bit of.

      Some of the newer engines probably support that sort of thing, but most of them change the feeling completely. :(

      I love loading up gzdoom + Brutal doom and playing; it was only about 3months ago since my last play through of D1 and D2. :) However the new Doom is freakin' awesome and I've been playing it a lot lately.

    After having a blast playing through Brutal Doom recently, I'd love to sink my teeth into this!

      hehe yes! how awesome is Brutal Doom :D
      I love to go back every now and then, load up gzdoom + Brutal Doom :D

      The new Doom has that same fast Brutal Doom style - and I love it.

    Still not as good as the Doom where everything is Tim Allen

      Then you'll love this!

    if you can’t remake the original DOOM inside new DOOM
    Old doom is in new doom. Just gotta find all the levers to open up the levels.

      Yep, but sadly it's clunky. :(
      Still pretty awesome feature. :)

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