Someone Made The Most Australian Car Ever In Forza Horizon 3

Another day spent indoors.

Unless you've been living under a rock, or you really hate racing games, you're no doubt aware that Forza Horizon is set in Australia. MonkeyCrumpets is an Australian reddit user and a goddamn genius. He used the game to make this: the most Australian car ever made.

It looks good from afar,but when you zoom in a bit more, that's when you realise — this is art.

Another day spent indoors.

I'm still not sure what my favourite part is. It's a tie between 'Straya Cunt' and the number plate: "BEWT UTE".

I'm also a big fan of the Southern Cross. Subtle.


    No "My family" sticker. Shazza/10

      Nah mate - that's for the sheilas
      The blokes have the one with the dude running over the stick family with the caption of "i don't give a fuck about your stick family"

      Personally, what makes this piece of artwork stick out for me is the "Fuck off we're full" sticker.Points added for no comma after "off"
      Points deducted, however, for using punctuation in "we're".

        And the antennas, where are all the antennas!?!?
        Those big white ones that bash the max height bars at shopping centers.

          Oh yeah! Damn good point! It needs WAY more antennas!

          There's at least 2 Bundy mud flaps missing too... it's like he isn't even trying.

            Also no R.M. Williams sticker on the back window. Must be some try-hard city dweller. Probably never even been to a muster

    Geeze and I thought I had a winner with my commodore ute running "BUNNINGS" plates.

    Needs more RM Williams horns, UNIT and Jet Pilot stickers.

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    At first I thought that top pic was a photo. Sweet graphics, way to go little Xbox! You can do it! Plus custom license plates? So much win!

      *way to go PC

        Either way. Photo mode is a still render. Take the photo and it renders the isolated image in far more detail than actual gameplay. Only real difference will be Xbox maxes at 1080p.

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          here is a cool article, if you scroll half way down, there are some thumbnails that you can move the cursor around on and it outputs for 3 different images.

    Oh look. A bunch of high level coarse language, a slur against women, a bumper sticker against refugees, and a global warming contributor sign. Ha ha ha. How proud this "art" should make us as a people, as it celebrates our basest stereotypical whitebread dickhead. Seriously, while this may be reasonably representative of a certain type of Australian, it's still disappointing.

    My favourite was the blue ute I saw on Cleveland St one time - the rear tray had been painted to look like the Eureka flag and across the rear windscreen was written: "All bosses' are thieves" - extra apostrophe sic.

      it celebrates our basest stereotypical whitebread dickhead

      I believe that is the entire point of the exercise. That's why they did it with a ute instead of a Veyron.

        Yeh but it shouldn't be called "art" in my opinion

          Why not? There is plenty of art out there that a lot of people find objectionable.

            True, but I've never seen racial slang called art before. I'm just referring to the "Fuck off we're full" line. The article makes it out like the guy is a genius and that this is something to be celebrated but it shouldn't be.

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              Really? Honestly, think about number of games out there that are based on punching, stabbing and shooting people in the face and that's fine? But an in-game ute done up to reflect a kind of car we've all seen about the place in real life? THAT is what's objectionable?

                Just stating my opinions with the article man. If you want to make a customized bogan's mobile, all the power to u.

                  Fair enough - I don't mean to come across sounding like I'm having a go at you, I'm not. I just think we should take this in the spirit that (I believe) it is intended, which is making fun of ourselves as Australians and our stereotypical view of ourselves.

        It's clearly taking the piss out of more than celebrating.

      I think this post should say "Fuck off, my sense of humor is full".

      whitebread dickhead?
      racist much? you know we are an oppressed and dying breed?

        I wouldn't say oppressed, thats a bit of a stretch.

        A sometimes ridiculous social stigma sure, but hardly oppressed.

          your point basically proves my point

            Ehhh I think of oppression as something more serious than a bunch of precious snowflakes screaming "Your a white male" at me.

            They are typically really good at ignoring my stereotypical caste skin while yelling in my face about how I don't do enough for the local community.

            I just think every one needs a chill pill.

              SA power outage double post

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              again you are proving my point even more
              and the downvotes prove it

      Bet you are fun at parties.

      Clearly most of the people on this site do not share those beliefs on a serious level, its all meant to be a joke, but somehow you got trigglypuff levels of insecure. There is no political agenda to push here, just observations.

      Go find some puppies mate, you are in a safe space.

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      Have a teaspoon of cement bruh. It may harden you the f*** up.

      Joking aside, this use looks almost like it could belong in my suburb. Except the antennas and bat shit stains on the paint job

      As a country that's exactly what we voted for in the recent federal election. Extreme conservative authoritarianism. The "art" is just reflecting reality.

    Needs more stickers from assorted outback pubs.

      Do not see a Bojangles Saloon sticker, not Straya enough.

        "WHERE THE HELL IS [insert outback town name] PUB?"

        Edit: Half my comment seemed to go missing when I posted it :|

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          Mark just hates zombies, don't take it to heart.

    Definitely needs a B&S sticker from some country town.

    Not a Maloo, no sign of Shannon Noll lyrics or an obnoxious amount of antennas 0/10

    4/10 needs more mention of sharia law, banning of burqas, and "love it or leave" also fake bullet hole stickers

    also no Ned Kelly reference... must take points off for that...

    And where the hell is the "SUCH IS LIFE" sticker?!

    Missing one I saw on the back of a ute the other day "I LIKE IF HARD AND FAST, I'M A V8 GURL"

    Did not know the game was based in Australia. But it's not because I'm under a rock or hate racing games, it's because it's been an xbox exclusive up until yesterday's release. If you don't have an xbox, chances are you wouldn't know it.

      and even then its windows store only so its a case of "yeah nah get fucked aye cunt"

        It's a Direct X 12 game. You'll be running Windows 10 to play them anyway. Plus I don't see steam or origin giving you two copies of a game for the price of one on different platforms with save file sync.

          .... You're joking right?

          <- Linux User - most games I buy on Steam I could play on two (if not three) platforms (Win, Linux, usually Mac) if I so chose.

            Honestly though why would you run three different PC OS for gaming? Plus I'm guessing you could probably use the same kinds of hacks that get you origin games on steam big picture streaming for windows store.

            How do you deal with uplay and origin?

        Your loss its great. Windows store is not something you even notice after install.



    Look at this.

    Look at these comments.

    You did this on purpose didn't you.

    Damn it Mark.

      Nahhh, I think he assumed people would be mature enough to see it for what it is. I think pretty much every one has been pretty civil so far.

    Missing a sticker of Calvin pissing on a Ford logo.
    Also missing a I'd rather push my Holden than drive a Ford sticker.

      I'm pretty sure that ute is a Ford, so you need to swap your Ford / Holden references.

      Rookie error :P

        And there's a FPV badge staring me in the face. I am ashamed ?

    Surprised this article wasn't posted by Johnno Johnston to be honest.

      John is far to professional and mature to deal with this kind of puerile nonsense.

    i think the article is getting the intended reaction for better or worse.

    while i find it humourous i ain't knockin anyone who thinks is inappropriate either.

    I really despise the whole "Straya ****" crap.

    It could also do with the exhaust pipe flaps

    Don't forget the truck nutz

    solid effort though. -5 points as it isn't a Holden. Mind you, Ford drivers are definitely more redneck. ;)

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