Someone Ranked All The Soulsbourne Bosses From Lowest HP To Highest

Redditor magicman111111 apparently "had nothing better to do so he made this list", which is quite literally every single boss from every Souls game ranked by HP. There are a few surprises in there...

For instance, given the nature of the Maiden Astraea fight, I thought she would be 1 HP, similar to the Bed of Chaos. In fact, I was surprised to see Allant (the real one) had so many hitpoints, since my memory of him was being a complete pushover. One interesting thing about Demon's Souls is its commitment to lore, some of its boss fights are really just there for story purposes.

Unsurprisingly, the endgame chalice dungeon bosses from Bloodborne dominate the end of the list. There seems to be more Bloodborne bosses with higher HP, probably balancing out with the amount of visceral attacks and higher attack speed of the game.

Again, all credit to magicman for creating this list.

Bed of Chaos 1 HP Asylum Demon 813 HP Iudex Gundyr 1059 HP Phalanx 1150 HP Storm King 1172 HP Capra Demon 1176 HP Taurus Demon 1215 HP Adjudicator 1306 HP Pinwheel 1326 HP Vordt of the Boreal Valley 1328 HP Tower Knight 1365 HP Royal Rat Vanguard 1410 HP Bell Gargoyles 1479 HP Moonlight Butterfly 1506 HP Armor Spider 1732 HP Fool's Idol 1863 HP Dark Sun Gwyndolin 2011 HP Father Gascoigne 2031 HP Leechmonger 2047 HP Central Pthumeru Beast Possessed Soul 2205 HP Crossbreed Priscilla 2300 HP Lower Hintertomb Brainsucker 2350 HP Last Giant 2530 HP Sanctuary Guardian 2560 HP Prowling Magus & Congregation 2580 HP Maneater Boar 2646 HP Crystal Sage 2723 HP Celestial Emissary 2764 HP Iron Golem 2880 HP Old Dragonslayer 2880 HP Loran Silverbeast 2925 HP Penetrator 2960 HP Vanguard 2970 HP Cleric Beast 3015 HP Dragonrider 3050 HP Maiden Astraea 3055 HP Abyss Watchers 3096 HP The Pursuer 3110 HP Chaos Witch Quelaag 3139 HP Flexile Sentry 3150 HP Scyth Undead Giant 3175 HP Pthumeru Merciless Watchers 3341 HP Dirty Colossus 3367 HP Centipede Demon 3432 HP Great Grey Wolf Sif 3432 HP Central Pthumeru Pthumerian Descendant 3437 HP Blood Starved Beast 3470 HP Lost Sinner 3560 HP Mytha The Baneful Queen 3570 HP Cannon Undead Giant 3600 HP Flamelurker 3720 HP Knight Artorias 3750 HP Central Pthumeru Keeper of the Old Lords 3867 HP Pthumeru Watchdog of the Old Lords 3881 HP Deacons of the Deep 4099 HP Executioner's Chariot 4140 HP Gwyn Lord of Cinder 4185 HP Ceaseless Discharge 4200 HP Duke's Dear Freja 4220 HP Skeleton Lords 4256 HP Gravelord Nito 4317 HP Isz Brainsucker 4326 HP Royal Rat Authority 4330 HP Dragon God 4340 HP Old Hero 4410 HP Covetous Demon 4440 HP Dual Dragonriders 4500 HP King Allant 4511 HP Hintertomb Blood Starved Beast 4536 HP Darkbeast Paarl 4552 HP Dragonslayer Armour 4581 HP Gaping Dragon 4660 HP Aldrich Devour of Gods 4727 HP Champion Gundyr 4950 HP Rom the Vacuous Spider 5058 HP Dancer of the Boreal Valley 5100 HP Pontiff Sulyvahn 5106 HP Witches of Hemwick 5222 HP Micolash Host of the Nightmare 5250 HP Stray Demon 5250 HP Guardian Dragon 5270 HP Old Demon King 5300 HP Vicar Amelia 5367 HP Black Dragon Kalameet 5400 HP Demon Firesage 5448 HP Seath the Scaleless 5525 HP Maneaters 5580 HP Super Dragonslayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough 5626 HP Dragonslayer Ornstein & Super Executioner Smough 5736 HP Scorpioness Najka 5741 HP Curse-Rotted Greatwood 5767 HP Darklurker 5770 HP Old King Allant 5967 HP Giant Lord 5970 HP Smelter Demon 5970 HP Old Iron King 6070 HP Demon of Song 6180 HP Velstadt The Royal Aegis 6290 HP Looking Glass Knight 6350 HP Amygdala 6404 HP Manus Father of the Abyss 6665 HP Throne Watcher & Throne Defender 6670 HP Forgotten Madman 6700 HP Aldia Scholar of the First Sin 6800 HP Ruin Sentinels 6990 HP Belfry Gargoyles 7000 HP High Lord Wolnir 7052 HP The Rotten 7080 HP Lower Pthumeru Rom the Vacuous Spider 7263 HP Ancient Wyvern 7873 HP Oceiros the Consumed King 8000 HP Shadows of Yharnam 8293 HP Nashandra 8770 HP Moon Presence 8909 HP Aava the King's Pet 8930 HP Matyr Logarious 9081 HP Gank Squad 9200 HP Blue Smelter Demon 9260 HP Elana, Squalid Queen 9280 HP Four Kings 9504 HP Lothric Younger Prince, Lorian Elder Prince 9600 HP Pthumerian Elder 9722 HP Sinh The Slumbering Dragon 10030 HP Fume Knight 10100 HP Lud and Zallen the King's Pets 10140 HP Sir Alonne 10140 HP The One Reborn 10375 HP Soul of Cinder 10750 HP Isz Celestial Emissary 10876 HP Burnt Ivory King 11182 HP Vendrick 11450 HP Lower Pthumeru Merciless Watchers 11590 HP King of the Storm, Nameless King 11677 HP Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos 12493 HP Ball and Chain Undead Giant 12768 HP Bloodletting Beast 13280 HP Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower 14081 HP Mergo's Wet Nurse 14081 HP Ailing Loran Beast Possessed Soul 14275 HP Gehrman the First Hunter 14293 HP Ailing Loran Abhorrent Beast 15014 HP Lower Loran Abhorrent Beast 15489 HP Ludwig the Acursed / the Holy Blade 16658 HP Pthumeru Ihyll Pthumerian Descendant 16824 HP Orphan of Kos 19217 HP Defiled Keeper of the Old Lords 19690 HP Ancient Dragon 19840 HP Ailing Loran Blood Starved Beast 20258 HP Living Failures 20646 HP Loran Darkbeast 20963 HP Isz Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos 21223 HP Laurence the First Vicar 21242 HP Defiled Amygdala 22049 HP Yharnam Pthumerian Queen 22822 HP Headless Bloodletting Beast 24287 HP Yhorm the Giant 28000 HP Defiled Watchdog of the Old Lords 28717 HP


    So Defiled Watchdog has more health than a boss you're not supposed to be able to beat with conventional weapons? And it's attacks can almost always one-shot you? Well, in case you needed any more proof that thing is the cheapest son of a bitch.

    I can't remember which ones were in which game though.

    Bloody hell Micolash was tedious.

    I've only played bloodborne all the way through. Dark souls 2 is my current obession. Really hard compared to BB

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