Sony Announces The PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony Announces The PlayStation 4 Pro

Meet the Neo, officially called PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s a more powerful PS4 that will support 4K and HDR.

PS4 Pro will be sold for $US399 in the United States, and will be available from November 10:

“Our goal is to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences,” lead architect Mark Cerny said on stage during a hardware event today. It’s got a faster CPU, a 1TB hard-drive, and an upgraded GPU. It will also play all of the old PS4 games.

Cerny showed off a few games running on Pro — Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, For Honour — and they certainly looked crisp.

This hardware refresh has been expected since March of this year, when Kotaku broke the news that Sony was working on a more powerful iteration of its PlayStation 4 hardware. Microsoft announced their own new console, Project Scorpio, at E3 in June.


  • Wow! The Playstation Pro looks great!

    Really love the Kitkat designed front and it’s got a better Gpu and Processor!

    It looks like I’m…*snicker*..going to sell my PC to get one of…hahaha


    …sorry, I couldn’t resist 😀

  • I guess we’ll just have to wait for the websites to be given the offical pictures so we can really take a look at the consoles. So far the Pro does not look enticing, and considering I don’t have a 4K display right now, I’ll leave it be.

    But I’m moving into my new place early next year, so the Pro and 4K TV might be a little present to myself.

  • So now two console giants have introduced hardware fragmentation into the current generation, ditching the platforms’ biggest strength. It’ll be interesting to see how this will affect development over the next few years.

    • I see one of two paths emerging from this. One is to mirror what happened with the New 3DS which only had 2 exclusive games (to my knowledge) but for the most part developers continued to develop purely for the 3DS and the games just enjoyed the benefits of faster processing on a New 3DS.

      The other is that we will see a lot of what happened with Hyrule Warriors on 3DS where the game ran smoothly on the New 3DS but was utter crap on the standard model.

      • The New 3DS had two exclusives? What was the second one (aside from Xenoblade Chronicles)?

        Although technically Xenoblade Chronicles also was not an exclusive, as it was originally a Wii title. On that basis the New3DS-exclusive rereleases of SNES titles might count, I suppose; I bought a New 3DS, and one of the reasons was Earthbound.

      • Sony and Microsoft have already commited to games working across both platforms – meaning no exclusives.

        I expect this to change in a few yeara but for now it wont matter.

    • The PS5 will simply be a Sony exclusive enthusiast case and you then fill it with whatever you like!

    • Yeah this was my concern. I’m getting more and more unhappy with the gaming industry as it goes, but the PS4 Pro doesn’t look like it’s going to relegate my old PS4 onto a dusty shelf.

      • I know, particularly with my old 1080i TV. When I get a 4K TV I’ll upgrade to a PS4 Pro, but that likely won’t be until next year sometime.

    • Aside from the increase of graphical fidelity one the Pro, games will be playable on both systems.

      I’m not sure how big a deal it will be.

      • That’s the theory, but in practice the extra fidelity doesn’t come automatically. Developers have to target multiple hardware configurations and as others have pointed out above, sometimes that leads to poor performance on the weaker system, or no gain at all on the stronger. This is a problem PC developers have a lot of experience with, but consoles have largely avoided it to date.

  • I wonder if they will go back and update some of the older ps4 exclusives to take advantage of the increase in power. Would love to see Bloodborne running at a better framerate.

  • oooh a 1tb hard drive….really? this is their “pro”? wow what a joke.
    at least put an ssd in there – hell even the xbox one s has a 2tb hdd in it

    • I agree that 1TB is to small for a “pro” model, but in terms of the Xbox One S, that 2TB version was at launch only and is in limited supply. The standard models are 500GB or 1TB. So Microsoft doesn’t have much leverage there.

      • They are still selling the 2tb model at eb games and jb hifi atm and seems to be plenty of stock – the upcoming gears of war model is 2tb as well. They also still have a ssd hybrid option available.
        I think the “limited” release is marketing bs personally…

  • So is ps4 pro just for 4k? If I do not have a 4K TV, does it mean the games run the same on PS4 and PS4 pro? Or do the game take advantage of pro and run smoother?

    I ask because I don’t own a PS4, if pro can give a boost to games on non 4k tvs, i prefer buying the pro. Else, jist ps4.

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