Sony's Weird Esports VR Game Is Growing On Me

Image: RIGS Mechanized Combat League

When RIGS was first shown off at E3, it looked exceptionally dumb. Esports? VR? Actors gesticulating like they'd just won the lottery and dumb footage of them getting pumped pre-game? Shitty fake commentary? No thanks. Not for me.

But work on RIGS has been ongoing. And as it turns out, it's not just a multiplayer-only title. There's a full single player campaign and, dare I say it, it's growing on me.

The team working on RIGS is Guerrilla Cambridge. That's not their original name; they were first called Millennium Interactive, back when they were founded by three British developers in 1988.

Sony picked them up as a first-party team in 1997, where they developed a range of smaller, largely unheralded titles. Guerrilla Cambridge worked on the MediEvil games back in the day; they also did the PSP port for LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone: Mercenary for the Vita.

RIGS is probably their first game that really stands out. So I suppose it's fitting that RIGS is turning out to have a lot more depth than what was initially hinted at when it debuted.

Four classes, around 20 rigs that you can purchase — we're starting to finally understand more about how RIGS starts to function. And the more the developers talk about an offline mode, the more they talk about creating something that was beyond an "experience" — which is the main problem with VR gaming right now — the more I start to get interested.

Of course, getting a VR game to work is more than just adding in a few bells and whistles. But we'll see soon enough whether RIGS is actually fun to play, and more importantly, physically comfortable.


    The question is, which launch title to buy, RIGS or Battlezone?

      Why not have both?

      *Mexican music*

        I'd love to, but by the time I buy PSVR, PS Camera and a game I'll be pretty close to $700.

        Don't think my CFO will aprove of the expenditure.

      Man I am so mad keen for Battlezone. I vote that :p

        So was I, but the clip for RIGS looks pretty cool, but it might be a bit fast paced for VR.

        Would be nice if some early reviews came out to help us early adopter types.

          Well I've got no choice but to not get RIGS since that's never coming to Rift, but I'll probably get Battlezone straight out regardless. It's just completely and totally right up my alley.

    This looks great, but for the sake of variance in online competetive games, i just hope this isn't OverWatch with Mechs in VR

    ive liked the look since i first saw it, day one purchase along with robinson the journey for me

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