Star Wars Space Battle Has No Chill

Darren Tan is a freelance artist from Singapore who has done a lot of work for board game giants Fantasy Flight, and in particular their Star Wars titles.

Below you'll see some of Tan's work for the company, from Armada (which is great) to X-Wing (also great) to the new card game Destiny.

You can see more of Tan's work at his Facebook and ArtStation pages.

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    That's nice art. I thought the first pic was a tech demo alluding to an x-wing vs tie fighter remake.

    Awesome art!
    Tie fighter cockpit view is now my wallpaper!!
    Reminds me of this I stumbled across the other night.
    (Not meaning to steal thunder from Darren Tan just love Star Wars art!)

      YASSS It's such a cool clip. Apparently he's working on another project now for fun. So good!

    I wonder if they ran out of red paint to paint the Alliance insignia on the Lusankya.

      Probably why Booster couldn't get enough to paint the Errant Venture.

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