Street Fighter V Update Makes Losing Matches More Embarrassing

Video: Losing in Street Fighter V is now very, very embarrassing. Yesterday's Street Fighter V update added Street Fighter III's suit-clad human-muscle Urien and a Versus CPU mode, but the game's new environmental stage KOs are the real... kicker. SFV

SFV patch 1.06's new stage KOs are just vicious. Your limp, defeated corpse no longer just lies on the ground. You will be tossed into a sealed vault, slammed against a screen, your meatbag paraded by elephants or crushed by oversized hot dogs. You will be fired from a canon. If you're lucky, you'll be buried under a snowman. Cold.

Check out the new KOs below:


    Would have been a nice touch if they included it at launch. I'm not re-installing till there is an arcade mode (i.e. probably never).

    This is so sexist its all girl on girl combat... But I ain't complaining ;)

    I think the bigger story here is that the update included Capcom brand malware until it got rolled back.

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