Sunday Comics: Don't Look Now

Welcome to Kotaku's Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira. Published September 15. Read more of Nerf NOW!!

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich. Published September 12. Read more of Awkward Zombie

Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Published September 14. Read more of Penny Arcade

Nerd Rage by Andy Kluthe. Published September 16. Read more of Nerd Rage

Corpse Run by Alex Di Stasi. Published September 16. Read more of Corpse Run

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull. Published September 12. Read more of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Double XP by M.S. Corley and Josh Crandall. Published September 16. Read more of Double XP


    Took me a moment before I worked out the last comic: 'The Devil is in the detail' :-P

    Last edited 19/09/16 10:07 am

      I thought it was an Event Horizon reference.

      According to google translate, it is 'Payments from the lower tuteme'.
      And 'the devil is in the detail' would be 'diabolus autem in speciali', so yeah..

      Maybe putting the punchline in a dead language wasn't a good idea.

        @luke and guest.

        Sorry about the confusion; I was going by the old expression when it comes to EULAs and contracts. I didn't actually translate the caption.

    No more GamerCat? My prayers have been answered! \o/

      Aw, I liked Gamer Cat. Totally fine with Life In Aggro disappearing though :p

        Always felt to me like it (GC) tried too hard. Never struck a chord with me. To each their own, of course!

          I think I felt like that initially too, but then must've warmed up to it or something.

          Most importantly though, MGDMT is the best thing ever and must never leave.

    That corpserun comic speaks far too truly to every game outside of comp that I've ever tried to play.

    Actually it kind of speaks true to comp aswell. Lucio, Soldier, Widow, Hanzo, Mcree, Reinhart... lol jokes I'm Reaper not Reinhart

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