A Gamer With Cerebral Palsy Uses A Mouse To Play DOOM And Super Meat Boy

Image: Youtube/Alexander Zenko

Meet Alexander Zenko. Like you and me, he's an avid gamer. But unlike most gamers, he doesn't have the use of his hands. So he plays with a mouse, his chin, and a special program called MHOOK.

Seeing people overcome their situation is always remarkable, and that's particularly the case in Zenko's situation. I know a lot of gamers who find the mouse and keyboard setup too fiddly, too complicated, too problematic to use.

I wonder what they'd think of this.

Zenko has cerebral palsy, a disease that impacts a person's posture and movement. In Zenko's case, it prevents him from using his hands — at least when it comes to video games.

But where there's a will, there's a way. And the way in this instance is a specially developed program called MHOOK, which makes it possible to play games with a mouse that were originally designed for keyboard controls.

You can view a screenshot of the program and its functionality over on Facebook. Unfortunately, it's all in Russian, but it provides an indication of its remapping capabilities.

Image: Facebook/MHOOK

Pretty bloody good, all things considered. And Zenko's been working at it for a while: here's footage of him working his way through Super Meat Boy, Luftrasers and the first episode of the original DOOM.

Pretty remarkable effort. You can view the rest of Zenko's efforts at his Youtube channel, or by following the ongoings of him and the MHOOK program on Facebook.


    Is this the same guy that was killing it at FFXIV pvp this way?

    I'm fully abled and he's better than me...

    I've literally got no excuse. *SIGH*. Very impressive mate, very impressive.

    Last edited 19/09/16 10:34 am

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