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    so, i jumped in to NMS again last night for about an hour and a half. am i the only one doing the whole 'hey, i just drop down to this planet to scout a few resources, then jump back out and piss off to the next star system' only to get down there, scan the shit out of everything, go on a massive mining quest, run 5 to 10 minutes away from your ship just to chase down one more word of the native language, to then see another one after a scan, and another and another. and before you know it, you've spent about 5 or 6 hours on a planet that you only meant to spend about 20 minutes on?

      That's pretty much how I've been playing it so far, yeah. Although it's not so much an intention to only spend 20 minutes there yet, moreso the thought that maybe I should try and only spend 20 minutes there this time.

        ha ha, yeah. thats what i said on my last two planets. (im only on my 5 or 6th planet)

      When you realize you've scanned 10/12 animals in the first five minutes of exploring then spend the next four hours trying to find the last 2. :P

        yeah, this has been me on 2 planets now (im only on my fifth planet) ive got my scanning up to about 87% and then cant find anything new after an hour or 2. i suauly go about exploring and mining and then scan around when im at these destinations, looking for the elusive red dots on my scanner.

      And yet people are moaning about how it's not as advertised and trying to return it after playing it for 30-40 hours.

      Personally the only thing keeping me from playing it is that it would be slightly inconvenient with it being on PS4. Since it may potentially release on Xbox One, I'm happy to wait.

    Oh, God. I haven't been on one of these in a long time. Er...... Hi?



        *waves back*

        What about this weather, hey?

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          What have you been playing recently?

            Dead Rising 3 DLC, waiting for Mafia 3.

            What about you?

              Our main current game at the moment is Oceanhorn which is basically a PC version of wind waker.
              Interspersed in that with fallout 4, borderlands 2 DLC and an attempt to 100% hand of fate

                I attempted to play through Fallout 4's endgame missions, but I got bored and, with no guarantee of closure, I gave up.

                Hand of Fate looks interesting, though. Worth playing?

                  GOTY 2015 for me
                  I love everything about it, the multiple runs to unlock more cards, the boardgame feel and atheistic. The shuffling card which is the 'random' selection is something my wife can help with so she is engaged as well.

    Mornin' TAYters!

    Spent the weekend in Toowoomba for a very nice wedding between some friends. Ended up driving home last night at 11, and in to work at 7 today.

    Am tired.

    Won't be having my wedding on a Sunday.

    You're welcome.

      Hey! I was from Toowoomba originally. Now I live between tassie & Melb. Which is why I usually miss out on cool video game stuff in the city unless I spend some bucks to fly over. I wanna go see Kingsglaive : (

      Good man.

      The other thing people love doing for their weddings is having them at idyllic, serene, gorgeously scenic, MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE locations designed explicitly to host weddings and nothing else, meaning every guest has to drive six fucking hours to stay in shitty B'n'Bs with no one-night-only vacancies, that gouge you more than a penthouse at the Marriott, and are surrounded purely by little boutique antique-shop cafes that charge eight bucks for a coffee.

      So... don't forget to do that. Your guests will love it.

        Yeah. That's why we did ours at a pub right in the centre of Melbourne on a Saturday afternoon (when there was no footie on because we're NICE).

    Morning all. The SO fell into Super Mario Maker quite hard this weekend. It was fun to see, and she's actually pretty good at level design.

    Otherwise we went to see Kingsglaive at Dendy in Canberra, but they showed it at the wrong aspect ratio, so half the movie was cut off and faces were squished. Many people complained but they didn't fix it. Some of you might have been there too? Thankfully they refunded our tickets and gave us complimentary tickets on top of that.

      On the one hand: Yay! Free tickets!
      On the other hand... I'm guessing they were only for Dendy. So, boo.

      We were kind of lucky. They had our showing booked in to one of the smaller Event Cinemas theatres, but 'due to demand and community feedback' they upgraded it to a vmax showing.

      I say 'kind of lucky', because while this meant that the film came out gorgeous, it also meant that there were no couples' seats for us to share. Which bummed me out a little. But the movie was pretty and more involved than I expected, so I guess it was a net win.

    Finished Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

    It's incredibly good. Gameplay reminded the most of the original Deus Ex (98), Level design is as good if not better in most places, and there's a lot of cameos and references to that game. Bob Page! Manderly! Mentions of Morpheus! Silhouette! The original game music playing over the radio, and the original logo on mouse pads. It feels like they're getting ready to re-introduce the world of the original game.

    I got the Pacifist trophy, but for those trying to get the "no alarms" trophy. I finished the boss battle without having seen the "alarm" tutorial. This does not seem to be the condition of the trophy. Possibly "alarm" refers to the "searching" state.

      I'm hoping to get the pacifist trophy...The no Alarms trophy ship has well and truly sailed

      What sucks is that there's a few places where the game glitched out and people were turning on the alarm.

      During the GARM mission, when you cross the halfway point and get a call from your pilot, the alarm goes off for no reason. I found out how to avoid it though, at the start of the mission you should contact Vega instead of Miller.

      But there was also a point later on where the police were just looking for me for no reason.

        Yeah, I encountered that too.

        I don't think that's a glitch or anything. What it suggests to me is Miller is the leak or has a leak. When you go on that mission, they're waiting in ambush for you already. If you contact vega, no alarm sounds, but if you contact Miller, the alarms do. This suggests pretty strongly information is being provided to Marachenko through Miller or his organisation.

        Don't know about about the police thing, but during curfew was probably where I lost my alarm trophy. It's really hard to sneak past and knock out those cops without them at least getting startled occasionally.

      I was going pacifist to start with, but then - in typical Deus Ex fashion - I saw some behaviour which caused me to take on the role of judge, jury and executioner.

      I'm really looking forward to this, I plan to buy it as soon as I have cleared off some of my pile of shame (finally finished Doom yesterday!). I've been hyped for ages as I loved Human Revolution so much, and I'm hearing very few complaints.

        The only complaint - reviews said it was a little short or more charitably "compact".

        As far as how I feel about it, I feel It's a decent length, it's just it has a very weird balance. Prague is an amazing hubcity, and there's a bunch of main and side missions you do there, buuut there are only three or four external locations that you travel to, which is knd of a shame. The result is, Prague feels kinda bloated in comparison to off-site locations.

        It all feels pretty good to play, though, and the Breach mode isn't that bad for a challenge mode.

          Yeah I saw one pre-release comment that it was weird there was only one hub city because the person (whoever it was who tweeted this, I don't recall) thinks of Deus Ex as a "globetrotting" game.

          I think Human Revolution switched between Detroit and Hong Kong?

            I don't really recall. and I kinda wish they'd remaster it so I can play it again. I think it just feels a little inconsistent, especially since the game kind of ends. I'm fully expecting a third game followed by a trilogy boxset.

            It's not that I think Deus Ex is a globetrotting game, it's more, I dunno, a certain unevenness. It's not a strong criticism by any means.

    Morning TAY

    Last song played time?

    Part 1, Chapter 6 - Sylvia - Alice isn't Dead (Podcast)

    How was everyones weekends?
    Did you all finish and then new game plus Mankind divided like me?

      Dark Necessities - Red Hot Chili Peppers

      Weekend was okay, worked however D=

      Island in the Sun - Weezer.

      Still working my way through MD, as I keep forgetting I can see through walls, and they keep hiding the important grates behind boxes... I don't think I've killed anyone (there was that one shopkeep who got gunned down by police when he told them I was raiding his storage room... but that wasn't my fault :P). Just got back to Prague, no idea how far through I am.

      Extinguished Light by Ulcerate.
      New track off forthcoming album, delicious metal.

      Started getting back into Skyrim, took a bit to figure out what was going on in my 4 year old save file.

      Thanks to new work and personal commitments, the game that I bought on console so that I could play it a few hours earlier than on PC I have now spent roughly... an hour with. Total.

      Bomfunk MCs - Rockin' Tha Spot.

      Grace ft. G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me

      My wife, who really enjoyed Suicide Squad, picked up the soundtrack and it's been playing on loop in the car. It's grown on me, but I still think the best songs on there are Eminem's Without Me and the PATD cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, with Skylar Grey's Wreak Havoc coming third.

    Hello TAY! Long time no see! I've been away so long that I recognise almost none of the people who have posted above me xD
    So I figure re-introductions are necessary.
    Hi, my name is lambomang, or just lambo. I'm a 21 year old VR dev from queensland. Love to play PC and Xbox, and especially love retro games. And I have most certainly put my TAY breaking days behind me >_>

      your tay breaking days OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

      Long time. How's it been?

        Pretty good. Had my downs, which was why I stopped popping on here as much, but things have gone up now, and now I'm running my own little one man VR game studio and generally enjoying life :D
        How about you?

          Oh that's awesome! What sort of VR games you looking to make?

          Yeah not bad, finally got a job end of last year after looking for ages. So basically just working these days lol.

            Since Lambo hasn't worked out the whole self promotion thing yet this is he debut game now out on steam

              I hate self promotion so, so much xD

                Get used to it and get better at it my friend.
                Sadly if you are planning on running a sole person studio it is going to be a key to your success

            Haha, there's that joke game I made that Tigs posted.

            Currently working on a locomotion solution that doesn't make people sick so I can make traditional FPSes. Think Halo on a lower budget, with a bit of Tomb Raider platforming thrown in ;)

      You'll always be sweet 16 to me!

    So I got over my bitterness about the ticket prices for the Australian tour of Richie Sambora & Orianthi. And I am pretty sure i'll nab a meet & greet too, $300 isn't exactly expensive for a meet & greet, especially when it's 2 pretty awesome guitarists.

    Morning all. Hope everybody had a good weekend. I didn't get to play any games over the weekend. It was a sad sad weekend.

    My copy of Deus Ex still hasn't arrived so I'm trying to be on media black out around the game.

    @jocon The hype is real.... Man I can't wait to get stuck into Legion >.< All this work and finally close to seeing some of it go into fruition =D

    Unrelated topic @scree sorry I missed your invite in Overwatch last night! Was juggling chats with raiders and being generally bad at the game :P By the time I saw it the invite expired and I jumped off after the next game! Its nice to see that the stupid defensive strategy of stacking Torbjorns and Bastions is still alive and well in Quick match mode.

      Yeah, pretty keen. Be cool to see what this team can pull off. You've managed to fill it with a lot of good players from what i can see. Kinda intimidating for a noob like me tbh.

        Yeah its kind of crazy we pulled this kind of talent in with the hours we're looking to do. But it just reinforces that work smarter not harder mentality I've been trying to go for from the start. And also shows how many ex-hardcore players quit the game because they didn't want to go casual but at the same time couldn't commit to a hardcore raiding schedule.

        If you need some practice healing let me know, I'll happily go stand in fire during Mythics :D Somehow managed to pull 40k HPS on that second bossfight (the council) in Everbloom with the ridiculous AoE and DoT effects.

          Noice. I assume. Don't know what's good at this stage :P
          I know none of my toons are really up to scratch at the moment, which is why I've been hesitant to join the Mythic runs. Once we get into the Legion content then I'll really be able to see where I'm at.

            Just go for it, most Mythics have been tuned down since pre-patch so as long as you're with a competent group you should be fine. If you're really nervous get Krieg to tank for you, dude takes like 0 damage. I usually ignore healing him and DPS or get involved in mechanics lol.

      I re-subbed for the Demon Hunters, but ended up not getting any further along than I did in beta, and haven't touched the pre-launch invasions at all. Which seems like a shame, since apparently that was supposed to be a really good way to level all your alts to 100 within a few hours.

      It's starting to seem very unlikely that I will be playing much in the next couple weeks at all!

        You didn't miss too much with the invasions, they were time effective to level alts on for the first week but blizz subsequently nerfed their xp rewards in the second week when they went on a faster timer. That said one of our raiders did all invasions back to back in the last 3 days and levelled his shammy from 1-100 and had about 2k nethershards stockpiled lol.

    So I finally got around to seeing Ender's Game... really should've remembered to turn off my long-term memory for that one.

    I'll admit, I got bored of the books halfway through Xenocide, but I don't recall Rackham ever having Maori facial tattoos - he was in his sixties with white whiskers. I don't recall Ender towering over Bonzo... and I'm still trying to figure out how mankind discovered philotic physics and created the ansible without knowing the basics of how the Formics communicated with each other. And I don't recall Ender finding the queen egg in that manner...

    Played a bunch of Deus Ex MD - spent a bunch of time wandering about reading people's emails, unlocking and stealing everything I could carry. Thinking about maybe attempting a bank robbery. :P

      Do the bank robbery, so fun

        I kinda want to finish it this week, tho... I'm getting very conscious of Rise of Iron being three weeks away and likely to occupy most of my time until December, and of the three RPGs I planned to get finished this year - SWTOR, PoE and Witcher 3 - I've not played much of any of them since March.

        Might mainline the main story missions of MD, and come back for a more comprehensive replay next year when I've got more time and it's got DX12 support and maybe a few performance patches - need to tweak a couple of settings, but it looks nowhere near as impressive as I'd expect given how hard it's pushing my system.

      Heh, I finally got around to watching Ender's Game on Saturday night. I only spent a bit of time playing Deus Ex though so I didn't completely steal your idea.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    After spending the night relaxing in the city of Vinks, what will become of our heroes? Do more adventures on the high seas beckon or perhaps something else takes their fancy?

    Programmery weekend! Was kinda running behind on what I was supposed to do, but managed to cram and get it all done, thanks to the guy I'm working with taking some time to help me figure some things out. Yay! It's slowly starting to make more and more sense now.

    Totally forgot to call up the place I bought my piano on Friday from though, so will just need to head in on the way to climbing this afternoon and get things sorted out with that. Hopefully can get the pedal I need, and maybe a more suitable stand too. Then I need to get cracking learning pieces for singer lady.

    I swear I had a pile of other things that had to be done too but I can't think of any of them. I need to start writing them down.

    Finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Such an awesome game, loved the commentary and mechanics. Although, one problem I had from Human Revolution was still prevalent, I had too many praxis points and was just upgrading abilities I wasn't using. I think I even fully upgraded the dash but never used it.

    I was really disappointed to discover that there was only one boss fight for the whole game, right at the very end.
    Another problem I had is that a very difficult choice appears near the end of the game, which I discovered to be irrelevant. You do both regardless.

    Now I'm trying to figure out what game to play now. I have several games I want to play, but they're all RPGs. They usually require a lot of time and I'm kinda getting burnt out.

    Last edited 29/08/16 5:00 pm

      Can you spoiler text like half of this post? Especially end game stuff? Thanks.

      What about a small puff piece kinda game in between. We just did Trine 3 which was quick and easy. Big fan of puzzle platformers which can be great for a break

    Heh, Telstra techie came out to install some gear they'd sent us. Told us that it was basically just crap they'd tried to upsell us on which wouldn't do anything to fix the problems we've been having, and wouldn't offer any benefit til later down the line once the NBN gets installed. Mum was none to pleased :P

    Then he went up the street and fixed the problem with the cables that had been making the net drop out during the rain. What a guy.

    Woo fibre is being installed around the corner from my place \o/

    Question: got Diablo 3 on PS4 cheap and wanted to play it with my wife. She loses interest quickly if things are too difficult or the controls are too complicated. Which female character should i promote to her? And which character should i play to complement that character?

      Barbarian is always a bit easier to play in Diablo 3, esp if you're not a particularly skilled player (ahem) and just want to mash things to death. Alternatively, if you play barbarian and she plays rogue, she can hang back and do ranged attacks with less risk of being attacked by things.

        I know she will gravitate towards a female character. She tries her hardest but the most complicated game shop far for her has been Lego Dimensions.

          You realise in Diablo 3 that all the character classes are available in both genders? She can play any class she likes as a female, so it's just about picking a class that suits your play style - I've played as both the Crusader and the Demon Hunter (which is the closest equivalent to the Rogue) and both are fun.

            Really? Sorry, i feel like a noob because I actually didn't know that!!! I'll let her pick what she wants then and I'll just match her.

      Wizard can be easy or complicated depending on how you build it.
      Laser beam style is easy to use, quite effective and very satisfying. And you don't have to worry about getting into melee range or chance to hit. If you then go as a tank like Barb or Monk you can then be the one to line them up so she can knock them down.
      As a bonus the voice actor for the female wizard is the voice of Azula in The Last Airbender.

        Haha she will totally get into that! She loves Airbender.

      I'm a diablo no00b and I went Demon Hunter. Once I had her double shurikens unlocked it was, as they say, a faceroll.

      I was gonna suggest Witch Doctor for easy mode - summon pets, let pets kill things, profit... but I agree with Jo, Wizard would be a better choice - more mobility, better defensive capabilities, and generally more fun than watching your pets do all the work.

        Can you be a button masher wizard?

          In combination with a tanky aggro-holding class (barbarian or crusader), sure - especially for levelling. A wizard only really needs 1-2 buttons during combat - have a shield/armour spell on circle, press that whenever it runs out (every ten minutes or so), and put a generator on X and a couple of fun destructive spells on square and triangle. Choose skills with low cooldowns and mana costs, and you can mash away to your heart's content.

        The pets are definitely a lot of fun. I love all the smiting you get to do as a Crusader though.

    Evening TAY.
    Successfully dual0booted windows 7 alongside windows 10, so now I should be able to play Mechwarrior 4 with a joystick. \o/

      A very underrated Mechwarrior title. Especially Mercenaries. I liked that Mercs tried to mimic some of what made MW2:Mercs the best title the franchise has ever had.

    My PSP analogue caps finally arrived from China, and once installed it entirely transforms the slippery c-stick on the 3ds!

    It's a two minute fix, is reversible, and is an absolute must if you play Monster Hunter! The camera is SO much more responsive.

      Iiiinteresting... though not sure how game I am to take my n3DS apart just yet :P

        It's hardly taking the thing apart, you just pull the rubber cap out. If you can hold a teaspoon, you can do this.

        And I wouldn't worry about the old cap, it can go back in and will be fine, but you'll never want to. The difference is night and day.

          You're a Brisbane dude or something aren't you?

          I wouldn't mind giving it a try first if you were in Sydney :P

          Well... you need to take it apart if you want to keep the nub in one piece - it has little silicon tabs on the sides that hold it secure, but they can easily be ripped if you don't care, and the nub can be put back in pretty securely, even without those tabs.

          That said, I had an old PSP lying around, and gave it a shot this morning - don't really care about onselling the 3DS, so just tore the tabs on the base of the nub - the difference was immediately obvious. So much better. Need to clean the PSP stick, tho - it's absolutely filthy after nearly a decade of disuse.

    @jocon Stayed up till midnight last night with a last minute recruitment drive, 6 back to back apps and we're now at a 19 man team with multiple back up healers and tanks.

      Damn. They solid or just reserves? What classes?

      Last edited 30/08/16 12:02 pm

        Warock, Pally and DK. Solid apps, went over our entire guild doc while we spoke and learnt it inside out in under and hour. Warlock seems very solid (actually poached this one from another guild, however to be fair he sought me out), the other two are good apps but not a 100% (As a reference I'm not a 100% sold on half our raid team).

    So, can any Deus Ex players confirm how many/if there are any major time-critical missions I need to get my ass into gear to avoid missing/fucking up horribly?
    I'm having real trouble googling for a list of time-sensitive fail states for missions/side-missions.

    I keenly remember going through HR's Sarif Industries office building the first time, thoroughly exploring every intricate facet of this rich and detailed world they'd built... then getting rewarded for that by losing all the hostages and having to reload and start again.

    Now I'm sort of gun-shy about stopping to smell the beautifully-programmed roses in MD, because there are people nagging at Jensen to move his ass, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be punished for stopping to appreciate this lovingly-rendered world they've built. :P

      I have seen no repercussions except for the final mission and that's all I will say)

        Ta. I'll keep exploring Prague then, Miller's whining be damned.

    Last song played time

    Relaxation Cassette #1 - Within The Wires (Podcast)

    How is everyone?

      I'm fine, but I answered my last played song on yesterday's post. :P

      How're you?

        I'm ok

        Work is annoying, hoping this restructure hurries up and finishes.

          We're undergoing integration at the moment, after our company got bought out last year. It's meant improved career opportunities but there's a lot of annoying changes to deal with as well.

      Iggy Thump - White Stripes.

      Pretty tired - spent a bunch of last night struggling to replicate Sony's authentication form; got to the point that I have a pretty good idea of why the authentication's not working, but no idea what I need to do to fix it.

      On the upside, after I gave up on that, I found the CPU-bound graphics setting that was killing my performance in Deus Ex last night - dropped LoD to medium and cranked everything else back up. So pretty...

      Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

    This is more for the movie bluffs here.

    In case you have missed the news, Gene Wilder has died. Yet another talent that will be missed.

    Might watch some Willy Wonka or Blazing Saddles as a little tribute to him.

      I just realised I've never seen the original The Producers. I'm going to see if I can find it and watch in tribute.

      And I'm just going to leave this here, get the tissues:

    Welp, couldn't get my joystick working with Mechwarrior 4. :(
    At least it's playable with Keyboard and Mouse. :)



    I don't get the vitriol. The game I'm playing looks like the one in the trailers, and I've had a lot of fun wandering around and discovering stuff, learning languages. Sure, it's not THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME but all this stuff about "Sean Murray is a lying liar" is really pissing me off. The dude's not even Peter Molyneux levels of overhype, let alone actively malicious. He's produced a damn good game - not a great game but a damn good one - that's not to everyone's taste. The levels of manbaby crying are astonishing. I've been sent that "Sean Murray lied" youtube clip a bunch of times, and I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just too old to give a fuck?


    Holy shit what a weekend and I was nowhere near the action. Codes being cracked, clues being solves, short-term community goals giving out mega-credits...

    ...and one of Frontier's staff members who was supposed to be giving out a clue was repeatedly ganked as soon as he launched so they had to release the clue to the forums. NOW maybe they understand what it's like not having hi-sec systems and a universal security rep...

    Anyway, I'm out at Jaques Station 22,000ly from Sol. running exploration. I'm 60% Pioneer now, maybe 40 million in data from reaching Elite. It's pretty out here. :)

      I'm enjoying No Man's Sky, though it's on a break for Deus Ex atm. I think that the game the internet thought it was getting and the game that was actually advertised are two unrelated things.

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