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    So the BF1 Beta is fun, but already populated by hackers >_<
    If EA don't deal with these turds, will anyone here consider actually dropping $110 on a compromised online experience?

      Yeah it's good. I'm enjoying it.

      Almost every round I see a few people kicked for hacks. At least they are collecting good info for launch security.

        They are pretty shocking with just letting haxors do their thing in StarWars Battlfront, which is why I'm worried about BF1...I guess I'll give it a month, see how they're dealing with hax and then drop the dosh.

    Morning, TAY.
    Going into town today to get some DVD storage towers, as I'm running out of room.
    They're these ones:

      Ooh free shipping nationwide. That is tempting. Shame i'd need 2 for all my blu-rays, games & CD's :(

      I gave up on trying to display my physical media a long time ago. Now it lives in a few of those big scalable bins in the garage.

      I also gave up on trying to rip it all.

      Godspeed, brave soul.

      Last edited 05/09/16 9:18 am

        I'm the same, I dump all my games into these office storage boxes I got my hands on a few years ago. Seem to do the job. Pity there isn't a creative and stylish way to display your games/movie collections.

        I have this big wooden box that I made in woodwork in high school that I was storing them in, but it takes up too much room.

    Shadow Hearts, I've been playing it.


      I hear that Jimu has been playing it. I've never played it myself

        It's true, I have & am enjoying it.

    After burning out on NMS I still had an exploration itch to scratch. So after a several month break, I loaded XCX to push on with some more affinity missions.

    And it's still great! The world feels more alien than anything in NMS, the design is spectacular, the dynamic weather adds life to it, and getting around in a proper transforming gundam trumps the self-flying saddlebags.

    And it has laser-wielding space whales.

    So a belated Happy Daddy's day to all the fathers of TAY

    My weekend was pretty full on. Had a funeral on Friday that overlapped with a management strategy weekend away. So was a fair bit of travel that day, home > funeral > wake > home > then down the coast. So I arrived down there around 9pm and had some damn nice wine. Sat was the big work day but managed a walk down the beach as well. Got home around 5pm so fell into basically normal work day routine on that one.
    Sunday was woken up with a nice hand made card, a drawing and some gifts. Got jumped on a bit before going out. One of the gifts was some really nice coffee so I had one of them before we decided to go out for lunch. We were walking down the road and Tiglet decided she wanted a cheeno and Daddy coffee so went to the new cafe to check the menu but wasn't great for Mrs Tigs so just had the drinks. Then went to beans which is out normal cafe and had another drink. Tiglet was pretty impressed with getting 2 babychino in the same day.
    Then back home with a full belly and put Tiglet down and played some more oceanhorn and smashed out some MPQ. Tiglet woke up not feeling great so got some super snuggly daddy/daughter time.

    @jocon How are you going with collecting starlight roses in Suramar? I've probably picked like 30 at this point and all of them turn to dust =,=

      Ohh, have you started the herb quest for those yet? I've only turned in the initial bit to kick it off but i think you need to complete it to be able to harvest sucessfully.
      I need to get stuck into Suramar, been to distracted tidying up other loose ends. I'm not a very good powergamer.
      Also, could you post links to the new guild docs?

        All links are under the raid announcements in Discord. Yeah to be honest this weekend has left quite burnt out on the game. Might take a day or two off this coming weekend and play something else.

        Yeah I did the first starlight quest but now there's a second one asking me to harvest 15 more =,= Annoying.

          I hear you, feel a bit the same. Folks put a bit of pressure on, even if they mean well.
          edit: sorry if i contributed.
          But we got tons of time till raid, picking up another game sounds like a good plan.

          Last edited 05/09/16 1:38 pm

            You're not wrong there, even I feel outmatched by them and I always felt myself as decently hardcore. can easily find yourself taken aback.

              One guy was 110 by wednesday morning. Several raid ready by thursday.
              You got 3 weeks folks, chillax a bit.

                One of them was also asking to do dungeons 3am this morning -.- while at the same time i was asking why the hell am I up this late lol. crazy stuff.

            @distantdrop Yeah to be fair though everyone who smashed out their raid requirements in the first few days are now going to have nothing to do but dailies. What dyu do after 835 ilvl? Smash out more daily mythics in hopes of warforged/titanforged with the exact right stat spread? Also most of them took time off work.

            Push yourself to 850 and you won't even want the gear from raids. All you're really doing is burning through content at a pace that's going to leave you bored/burnt out. I had more fun in the last 2 hours last night where I casually played my mage alt than all weekend to be honest.

            And finally where do they think they're going after hitting 835 ilvl? You still have to take the whole group up to that raid requirement, so yeah well done for smashing out the content but now you've got to do a 180 and back track through lower ilvl dungeons to make sure no one gets left behind. A raid group isn't about survival of the fittest its about making sure the group works together, hence the term PvE.

              I'll give some credit to people like Bel tho who do seem genuinely willing to help people out.
              Even if the end result is helping people burn out quicker.

                Yeah that's partially cos I had a chat with him after kicking out that pally and his mate. He started volunteering to run under-geared guildies later that evening.

                I have no qualms with people gearing however quickly they can/want to; I don't however want an elitist clique/mentality forming within a select group. You can be sure I'll be stamping that me over we crap out as soon as it rears its head. Go PvP if thats how you want to play the game.

                  On the topic of pvp, i noticed no caveats on the guild introduction about pvp gear? i noticed the gladiator stuff was 870 which is comparative to heroic gear. do you imagine any problems arising with manipulating the priority system even if in-deliberate?

                  Edit: should also mention i did read the whole rising priority if your to low, but what if the manipulation is to just get tier first.

                  Last edited 05/09/16 2:52 pm

    Finished off the Nioh beta and the Fallout Nukaworld DLC.

    Nukaworld is ....not that great, I thought. Especially if you're late in the game like me. All of the settlements are mine already, so if I want to give a settlement to a raider group, I have to cancel my connection to it, making it neutral, and then take it over. Then for supplies, you need to exert influence over another settlement, which is probably already yours, so you will relinquish control over that just to get indirect control too.

    Furthermore, you can't build anywhere in Nukaworld other than a small area within a Red Rocket garage. Whhyyyy.

    The whole settlement building is neat,I like this whole settlement building thing. In my game, the Vault I built is an oasis in the wasteland, overflowing with tech, power armour, weapons and vault-dwellers well equiped with their vault 88 suits and laser guns.

    In my mind, I lead a faction of Vault-tech Soldiers, bringing technology and civilisation to the wasteland, a sort of nicer Brotherhood. The flavour of this fake faction I lead, I've crafted just by equiping them personally. I've accessorized mine own faction into existence. So when Nukaworld comes along with three new factions, I don't really care. I've already built a faction I like the look of.

    The final step that I'd love is if every new settler was accessorized how I want as soon as they land. And then if this hand-crafted faction could be acknowledged in the game, and that I could win the game with this faction, I'd adore that for the next game. The idea of making your mark on the game, which is kinda already in there through accessorizing settlements and yourself, and taking it one step further. That would be something I really love.

    And that's why I'm annoyed you can't build in most of Nukaworld. All I want to do is kill all the raiders, convert it to settlement, and then create a power armour museum, or a historical museum with manequins displaying pre-war military fatigues and weapons. Why can't I turn the Zoo into a real functional zoo? Because in my head, that's something the faction I personalised into existence would do. There's already rooms like that in my vault. The idea of roleplaying through accessorizing your environment...I've never really seen it done., and I really like it.

    In any case, stopped playing Fallout 4 for now and going to give the Wticher dlcs a go.

    Last edited 05/09/16 10:34 am

      How's nioh? I'm keen as for that one, but haven't played it myself yet.

        I freaking love it!

        It grabs the best bit out of many games but still has its own identity.

        Diablo style loot, with the concession of being able to sacrifice gear for experience and health potions with a menu that easily allows you to select the things that are useless. Way of the Samurai cum Ninja Gaiden style combat that's very satisfying once you level up. A comprehensive bunch of skills. Plus Dark Souls style trial and error leveling.

        And then, once you beat the stages in the beta, you have the option of doing them in Twilight mode! Higher level enemies, and different enemies and placements!

        I was also cooping quite a bit and that is fun too. Works similar to Dark Souls with a password system.

        I love it, but the difficulty is steeeeeep. Like Ninja Gaiden steep. Harder than souls, I feel, and I've played them all.

        Beating two stages in the beta also gives you two pieces of DLC for the full game.

        Huge huge love for this. But you need to commit to being abused for a long time while you learn attack patterns

    Morning all,

    That is all i have to say for the day.

    You have piqed my interest, shall have to check it out.

    It seems tempered glass on computer cases is the new fad, move over RGB! I'm okay with this tbh. Acrylic scratches way too easy and doesn't look as sharp.

    @distantdrop there is a section on loot priority with regards to out-gearing the group. As I understand PvP gear you'd have to make it to the top 20-30% of arena players in your bracket in order to get gear that's on par with Raid gear. If you want to put that effort in for PvP and you have the right stat spreads the same rule as outlined in doc applies.

      But with the rule how quickly is it held up to standard? how low can someone get before their priority is considered to low for sustainability? without feeling like a pinch on your side.

        You're not making sense? The rule states outgearing will have no impact. The loot priorities are reset every 6 to 9 months when a new raid/tier launches. There's no way to successfully hoard loot points for a large period of time. Also you aren't allowed to pug on your mains.

        Last edited 05/09/16 3:34 pm

          Maybe i'm misinterpreting a rule? could of swore i read something it the guide that reserves you the right to heighten someone priority if the were to fall to low in comparison to others, I was just emulating that such a scenario might arise with a avid pvper.

            Nope I won't artificially penalize anyone's loot (did you read the whole doc?).

            There are caveats to that statement but outgearing is not one of them.

            Last edited 05/09/16 3:36 pm

              Ofcoarse I read the entire thing, would be the 2nd times since it hasn't changed much since three weeks ago.

              Perhaps maybe its the way it's structured that have both rules and the philosophies to your choices so in contrast the lesser caveats get overpowered by the concept.

              Last edited 05/09/16 3:43 pm

                Paragraph 2 of factors affecting loot priority in big capital letters =P The next paragraph refers to players trying to game the system.

    Whew. Made some good progress learning songs over the weekend, seems my combo approach works pretty well. Now just need to get things smoothed out so I can play them without stop-starting all the time. Also get onto the other songs.

    Had the family around for father's day, out in the backyard to get the pizza oven going again. My sister and her boyfriend have managed to pretty much perfect pizza dough, the bases were so light and fluffy. Also I kicked arse at running the fire, it was nice and hot. And I can still smell smoke in my beard. This is good :P The dessert pizza came out nice too, things had cooled down enough to slow-roast the marshmallows just right.

    Also, FED FORCE! Really liking it, screw the haters. Managed to convince a couple of friends to get it too so we've run through a few missions now. The game could stand to have a few more communication features in it, but it works well enough. Playing with randoms can suck though. Especially the ones who just sit at the lobby doing nothing, hosting a game they don't even seem to want to start. Jerks. Also, lots of dropouts. I wish it'd let you just quit a match with no penalties when everyone drops out, instead of forcing you to persist only to get gunned down at the last moment you weren't prepped for and then losing your shit anyways.

    And just found out that the guys are pulling the plug on one of my other websites I've hung out at for the past few years (following a mass exodus from its abandoned-by-the-owner predecessor site). Super bummed out about it, and hate how the old small-town type internet is dying and/or dead. It's all megacities now.

      Getting Fed Force eventually, quite glad it doesn't have the everyone plays or no one plays feature of Triforce Heroes. That was a pain.
      Coming across many AU randos?

        No idea, the only way I can tell if someone might be foreign is if I hear "ciao" or "bonjour" instead of "hello". There doesn't seem to be a "g'day" :P

          We need to petition Nintendo to include localised voice lines for Australians.

    Uuurrgghhh.... brains.... headache...

    Tho, started watching Mr Robot over the weekend - really enjoying it's social engineering take on the hacking scene. Also finding it very weird how well Telltale/Night School's tie-in mobile game a) works as a mobile game (amazing how few games draw their UI inspiration from the fact you're using a phone and instead try to adapt touch controls to fit their game), and b) how eerily accurate (or, at the very least, believable) it is. Genuinely felt bad for a guy I was trying to pressure into doing something... right up until he flipped when I took the pressure off.

    Well, they didn't have any of the towers in stock.
    Looks like they won't be getting more in until Wednesday. :(


    Note to self. If you see an article about Anita's latest video, walk past the comments.

      I started reading them yesterday and then said "Wait, what the hell are you doing?" and closed the page.

      If I thought about what she said, I'd have to change my outlook; ipso facto, she is the devil.
      That's what I see.

      Wasn't too bad when I last looked but that was early

        There wasn't too much of the vileness toward Anita, just the usual exhausting bullshit that female characters have to be "fit" (skinny), "athletic" (skinny), "strong" (skinny), or else it's just not realistic. Because reality is so important in a simulated world. And if female characters aren't "attractive" (young with big tits), then "people" won't buy the game.


        Last edited 06/09/16 6:52 pm

          I'm still waiting for the game that gives me the school lunch lady running about smashing people with a rolling pin.
          I remember making the thought that overwatch should add Sasha Kaidonovsky from pacific rim (either in a mini cherno mech or just body armour). Their next character was pretty much her so that was good.
          The idea that you can't get an interesting character outside the standard mould is as you say exhausting.

            Lara Croft was mentioned several times - and here's a thought - rather than making her younger, skinnier or prettier, how about making a TombRaider game where Lara is *older* - a bit greyer and rounder, but a lot wiser and tougher? If Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones can get older, why can't Lara?

          Though to be fair, the lack of body shape diversity in games is an issue for characters of both genders, just far more pronounced with female characters.

      Comments in that weren't so bad compared to the usual foray of crap.

      That Leslie Jones article on Giz though, people just won't stand for some things.

    Did anyone get down to the PAX event in Melbourne over the weekend? I have to admit, between that and the other PAX events happening in the US, I'm starting to feel the hype again.

      I had friends who are going but i wont get to go. What are your highlights?

      Last edited 06/09/16 10:12 am

        BLOODBORNE GROUP COSPLAY is gonna be so much fun

          SO MUCH THIS.

            I don't know how one organises these things, but we really should get a photographer

              There's often a bunch that hang around the foyer. The PAX Australia cosplay FB page usually has posts about which photographers are going to be there.

              hey @hayleywilliams, how would one do such a thing?

                It's easiest to hit up photographers on their Facebook pages, usually. Check out who's done photos at PAX last year, pick the ones with a style you like and ask them if they're heading down this year.

                  @redartifice they shouldn't be charging if they're shooting at a convention (external shoots are different but that still depends on the photog).
                  Check out Steamkittens, he usually sets up a little photo area at PAX. (These are his: )

        I will be cosplaying again this year. My philsophy is that walking around and waiting in queues is much more fun when you're dressed up. I also really like the board game tables, the PAX Pokemon League and collecting swag. This year I'm attending solo, which is a bit sad for my Mr 5, but will make this trip an actual holiday for me :D

        And of course, meeting up with all my favourite TAYbies.

    (I'm excited for it )


      I finally got the sleeves attached to my friggin coat, so hopefully I'll be able to complete it this week!

      I'm still expecting your tickets right?

        Yay for Cosplay!

        I ended up convincing the hotel in melbourne to hold on to them for me just last week so thank you but I've organised it :) :)

          Ah, cool. Where are you guys staying/when do you get in?

      Got my Friday leave approved. Will be there all three days.

      Won't be getting married 5 days earlier this year though. Bit too much hassle.

      Don't forget to bring your gladrags for Dapper Meat on the Friday night :D

    This whole week past feels like it can go screw itself. :(
    Nothing but Murphy's Law in action.
    Double :(

    Anyone have any advice on buying a mechanical keyboard? Been looking at getting one, but there are too many switches to choose from D:
    I hear Cherry Browns are the best mix between gaming and productivity. I'm probably going to be doing more coding than gaming with it, so that sounds like what I need. I probably just need to try a bunch for myself, but if anyone has any suggestions that would be super helpful.

    Hello. I'm back.

    Worked 27 hours at the weekend. Missed the Melbourne Rising game on Sunday, breaking a SIX YEAR RUN of Melbourne pro rugby union games. :( Still, my Melbourne Rebels home attendance record is still intact.

    Yesterday was pretty full-on too, but my company is now safely in their new premises in docklands ("We're NOT in Docklands!" says the CEO. Yeah, yeah we are. We're on the other side of Wurundjeri Way from the CBD. This is Docklands.)

    So, my Elite:Dangerous playing is suffering a bit. I was kicking around out at Jaques Station, and made 55 million credits from the exploration community goal. Less than 40% to go to Elite Explorer. I then decided that I'd really like to go on the Galactic Nebula Expedition, but was 22kly from the start location.

    What to do, what to do...

    Pinged a mate on his way back from Jaques... "Oh you're still at Jaques?" "Yeah. Race you home?" So I stored my Anaconda, and bought a Sidewinder, which I stripped and crashed into the nearest moon. Suicide Express! Choose the free SIdewinder at my original system inside the Bubble. Pinged same mate... "You're a cheater!" Heheheh . :)

    So grabbed my Diamondback Explorer, and I'm pootling about doing some engineer upgrades on it. Hopefully get that sorted in the next couple of days, and then set off to catch up with the GNE.

      Bearing in mind I don't know much about rugby AT ALL, what's the difference between rugby union and rugby league?

        Union: original form of the game. League: broke away as a "working man's game" in the late 1800s as union was run by toffs and there was no professionalism. Union only allowed professionals in 1995 IIRC...

        League team has 13 players, Union has 15. Union has no fixed number of set plays, league allows 6 tackles before the ball must be kicked forwards. Union has bigger and contested scrums. League is faster paced.

        It's really a matter of taste and what you grew up with as to which you prefer. Both are baffling to the uninitiated, union's probably worse to get to grips with as it's got so many technical rules. But I love union. :)

          I'll watch most codes of footy, but married into a die-hard rugby league family...

          I never watched a game of rugby in my life (sorry) until the women in the rugby sevens. That was fantastic.

          Your league sounds a lot like gridiron. (Been watching Friday Night Lights)

          Last edited 09/09/16 9:50 am

            7s is fun.

            League is more like the north american codes, yes.

        The main difference is in how points are scored. In Rugby League you get 4 for a try and 2 for a conversion, goals are worth 2 and field goals are worth 1. In Rugby Union, a try is worth 5 points, with 2 for a conversion, but goals are worth 3. So in Rugby Union you tend to see a lot more goals scored, and in Rugby League, a lot more tries.

          Yeah. Except in the National Rugby Championship where a conversion is 3 and a penalty or field goal is 2... it's NUTS. :D

          But yeah. Honestly I think they need to split the difference in union, leave a drop goal at 3 and make penalty goals 2. You'd see a lot more field goal attempts and a lot less tactical penalties.

        League is a gentleman's game played by thugs and union is a thug's game played by gentlemen

        Main difference I would say is in the tackling. In league after a tackle the ball is dead and you back off and they start the run again. In union the ball is still live after a tackle so you get a scrum kinda thing forming over each tackle.

        Union is fast and free-flowing and exciting.

        League is staccato and boring and played and enjoyed by yobs.

          Where does the rugby sevens for into the equation?

            I've never really gotten into Sevens. It's more Union than it is League. Faster, higher scoring. Enjoyed primarily by people in Hong Kong apparently.

            I always felt like it was to Rugby Union what Twenty20 is to test cricket. Exhibition games for a specific mass market, but with a lot less skill and tactics on display and not really taken seriously.

    Ran into DAN! at climbing last night. Finally :P

    Really killed my calves trying to do one of the feature problems though. Well, calf on one side, more down at the achilles on the other.

    Also, the piano drama never ends. Started noticing some weird note clipping when releasing the pedal in come situations. Still can't figure out exactly what it is or how to reliably replicate it, but I did manage to capture it in action. Hope it's just the pedal being weird or something :/

    Who is Doc Burford, and why has he had like 20 articles published in the course of like 2 days?

      A similar thing happened with... (someone else who I forget)'s articles the other week. I think they're just importing a whole chunk of articles from Kotaku UK or something? Fairly sure Doc's stuff that's come up before was usually from there, not certain though.

      But yeah, it really feels like they could stand to stretch it out with maybe one or two articles a day instead of just slapping all of them on at once.

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