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    What happened to the Martian helmet competition over on gizmodo?

      That is a good question! I hope my cliché Uranus answer went down well.

    Hello people with NBN. In the words of Bender "Compare your life to mine and then kill yourself"... My non-NBN connection is great. Though I am genuinely curious as to how long this will last. I've literally never seen HFC this fast.

    And just in time for my house-warming tomorrow night!
    Don't forget to come along and stuff. If you have children I would advise not bringing them, as my puppo likes to jump on people to say hello.

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      That is insanely fast for HFC. I had a pretty good line back at the place I was in in Camberwell and it topped out at about 130 megabit in the middle of the day when no one was home. Not even remotely that good on upload too. Are you sure you're on HFC and not a hybrid fiber / coax?

        All I know is I signed up for HFC and they installed it the same as my last address. I was topping out at 2mbps until yesterday (when the tech was supposed to come). Woke up to that though so called him to cancel (I don't want him making it slower!)

        ...isn't HFC "hybrid fibre-coax"? Now I'm confused!

          I always assumed it was High Frequency Cable, but you're right.

          Reword me to mean HFC vs FTTN.

      Did they put one of them cabinets next to your front door or something..?

    @pupp3tmast3r @jocon

    You see the Blood of Sargeras vendor in 7.1 PTR? unless they reduce those to like 5 per blood I expect three months before 7.1 hits and gathering skills die.

      You ran some dungeons last night with our dk tank and his mates right? How was their skillset and attitude?

        Skillset.. completely impossible to gauge in a mythic unless your boggle they obeyed basic mechanics well i suppose I can say~ content was rolled over by dps, in terms of attitude a lot of self deprecating stuff and sarcastic-like-endearment which is typical among wow friends.

          Good fit for the group from what little you saw?

            I know how important/serious this is to you, so asking me such a question seems very weighty won't lie I spent awhile staring at it trying to think of an answer or a evasion.

            Nothing confrontational or self serving happened which is a plus, they also went after achievements which gave me the impression they don't mind taking their time wiping/figuring out stuff so might be laid back players.

            Overall they seem like a good fit, from what little I saw. :P

              Mmm I have a feeling we'll lose the tank to another guild if those 2 don't join our group and are keen to raid. Given we need another 3 DPS if we want to go into raids next week this seems like a place to start.

              Side question - Are you BM or MW OS? If BM can you tank some Mythics this Saturday morning?

                I remember on first conceptions you wanted to avoid groups, to avoid them gaining power over the guild, or at minimum atleast not a group of healers lol.

                But yeah BM is my OS, I work on Saturday only briefly though 9-12 usually I make it home by 1, however you said morning so not sure if that can work.

                  Pretty impossible at this point in time for any one group to exert control. If I'm aiming for a final count of 25 raiders, as long as no single group of friends is greater than 2-3 people we'll never be held hostage as such. Also helps that I've got multiple back up healers and tanks.

                  I'll have runs for the arvo as well, so let me know if you can tank those (probs 2-3 max).

      No, trade blood for mats im guessing?
      Sounds like a great idea to me. Alchemy has almost no use for blood but needs a fuckton of farming crowded zones.
      Might get my farm on and try to make some gold while i can tho.

        Yeah early ptr build seems to be 1 blood for 20 basic herbs 1 blood for 5 starlight, as you can imagine most people will have 500+ bloods by the time this patch hits, ouch.

          I'd question that definition of most. Most people of the hardcore persuasion probaly but im on about 50 atm without trying.
          But bliz need to do something to combat the massive inflation or no-one but the hardcore will be able to afford to raid. Flasks are going for almost 1k each ffs.

            The inflation is purposely done. The entire system in Legion atm works as follows - Expensive for the first 2-3 months, and then cheaper for the remaining 70-90% of the expansion. It's why boosts from professions have been staggered and also why suramar and starlight is gated. They did this on purpose to undo the way they fucked up the economy in the last expansion. The most hardcore players who wouldve abused the treasure hunter system in WoD the most will be the most likely to spend their gold to stockpile or buy flasks now. By creating temporary and artificial gold sinks which will be completely neutered with the release of a blood of sargeras vendor along with rank 3 gathering/alchemy/cooking Blizz are trying to pull money out of their economy and stimulate deflation.

            It's interesting fiscal policy to be honest, and likely to be more effective than what our own governments are doing in the real world to fix the real economy. Got to laugh =D

            My recommendation, start stockpiling gold or mats just enough to last you the first 2-3 months. Anything more sell now while inflation drives prices up. I should've made about 30k today by selling archaeology fragments. Yay =D

              Damn, I should really be more of a gold digger in WoW. But it's just not my style.

                Eh it's less gold digging in WoW more basic economic theory. Supply and demand. Blizz have cut down the supply of Gold and increased the number of products that demand it as payment. Eventually gold supply will run dry and prices will be reduced to levels sustainable by the amount of gold the Broken Isles put out.

                  I meant more I should actually make some effort to make money via crafting ect, particularly now while I can.

    Woooooo Brizvegas Comic-Con this weekend!

    Be on the lookout for a 5 year old Teen Titans Go! Raven. My daughter has caught the cosplay bug...

    Last edited 15/09/16 10:58 am

      I have to agree with Cookingmama on this. Are you going in matching cosplay?

      Last edited 15/09/16 2:45 pm

        Alas no. Although the strong desire to wear my underwear on the outside and dazzle the crowd as Burt Ward's Robin was there, I was firmly told "no" by both my SO and Mr 15.

        Dad's doing that kind of cosplay apparently isn't cool when you're a teenager.

        Last edited 15/09/16 2:21 pm

          What a bunch of spoilsports. Leave them at home and just go with little miss 5

    Hello friends!
    As some of you may know, I went to Vancouver and PAX Prime/West!
    Many of you chose to avoid me like the plague (understandable), even as going as far as to buy a house and to quote poorness to use as an excuse, but that's okay!
    If you were at all curious as to what eating delish foods is about, and checking out PAX costumes, I uploaded a bunch of pictures!
    I don't know how Imgur works though so maybe that is a private link?
    Whatever, CHECK IT OUT, YO

      Super soul brothers are pretty amazing. Also, I didn't read all of it, but I read a hell of a lot. Thanks for posting.
      Also, i just had lunch but I'm now hungry again

      Super soul brothers, song of storms

      Last edited 15/09/16 12:53 pm

      More pictures than my PC cares to load apparently :P

      It's okay, the coolest TAY people still went to PAX West.

      EDIT: looking through now:
      "German sausages with Japanese instructions?" <-- they're in Chinese.

      Last edited 16/09/16 12:11 pm

    My wife has discovered Animal Crossing New Leaf. I could not be happier as it had allowed me to play some PS4 finally. Instead of 1 hour i got to play for 4 hours last night. Made an actual dent in Deus Ex. Here's hoping it'll last!!!

    This is a game-changer.

    Should I get some business cards printed up for pax? It would probably consist of my email and deviant art.

    @jocon @distantdrop Just about every single raider in the guild is in the barth top 100 players for their class, sav's actually in the top 10 =,=


      Looks like Monks and DH are first on the hit list for DPS nerfs, fun while it lasted. considering our single target dps is rather average its disappointing to hear.

      Last edited 16/09/16 2:38 pm

    Finished Tri Force Heroes last night, playing through most of it solo. It was... alright I guess, but not sure I can be bothered running through every level another three times to get 100% completion. Probably done with the game now actually.

    Ghost dropped their new EP today 'Popestar' and it's awesome. This band continue to amaze me how good they are.

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