Target Is Selling The Xbox One For $269

We've now got the Xbox One S. Project Scorpio is around the corner. So, as everyone expected, that means the price of the original Xbox One is coming down.

And apparently, it's coming down real fast.

OzBargain has revealed that Target will be having an in-store only clearance of old Xbox One 500GB consoles from Thursday to Saturday. It won't be offered online, but if you're fortunate enough to get to a store that has stock you'll be able to pick up the standalone console — no Kinect, no bonus games — for $269.

From memory, it's the cheapest price that's been offered to date for the current generation of consoles. Hell, it's only barely more than what it would cost you to pick up a New 3DS. And if you're not looking at buying into Project Scorpio, or you just want to pick up a console for relatively cheap, it'a s decent offering.

I can certainly see this being the right price point for a lot of parents or families, looking for something reasonable to entertain their kids or just to have as a media player that does a bit of gaming.

But I put it to you, dear reader: do you own an Xbox One? And if not, what's stopping you from getting one, and how much would it have to cost before you'd change your mind?


    Make it a Wii-U for $269 and I'll bite!

      Bought mine for that much like 2 years ago!

        Yeah, they do occasionally appear at low prices, but they vanish in a puff of smoke before more than a handful of people can snatch one up :-)

          I picked up a second, near new one from cashies online store for 200.

          Seems to be the cheapest source, and there's not much worry with second hand Nintendo hardware, it's tough as nails.

          But yeah, the official price point of the wii u looks ridiculous in the current market. I'm still happy with my launch model, it was three bucks cheaper than my Wii was at launch, but the sector is drastically different now.

          Last edited 06/09/16 3:18 pm

            +1 for the Cash Converter's webshop, it's a hidden gem.

          Still a 32Gb Wii-U with Splatoon for $279 at my target, and they have had them sitting there for over a month.

    what’s stopping you from getting one

    I can still feel the pain in my balls from when they kicked me at their reveal. Yeah, they may have cradled them soon after, but I was still doubled over in pain.

      People always hang onto that. But all the leaks were saying Sony was going to do the exact same thing till they saw the MS backlash.

        more info please? I don't remember what went down in Browntown yo

        You can't compare fact with hearsay.

          Well, I mean, either way, it didn't happen. So, like, you're kind of hating on someone for something they didnt do in the end anyway. Both immaterial to some extent.

        Much empathy from me. It was the reason I bought my PS4 first and contributed to the Sony-hype, but it's well worth a second look. Plus, I'm married with kids so my balls weren't getting much use anyway.

        The Steve Ballmer Xbox is a very different beast to the Phil Spencer Xbox, to the point at which (IMHO) it has, by far and away, surpassed PlayStation as a service (the PS4 hardware is still exceptional quality, and beats Xbox, including the S, hands down).

        Back compat is something that I didn't realise I needed until I had it, the promise of forward compatibility makes digital purchases a no-brainer and cross-purchase with PC is much better bang for buck.

        It's an excellent price, but without a decade of Games with Gold titles to add to your library, it's a personal choice as to whether the investment is worth it.

        If anything, I still think this console generation has taught me that PC gaming is the way to go.

          Yep, I have jumped across platforms a few times, but with xbone exclusives now on the PC i'll probably use my xbone as a media hub and not bother with a console anymore.

      I hope that's just a phantom pain now, otherwise consult your doctor about painful testicles for three years running.

      Funny thing though, was that that same reveal felt like Microsoft were massaging my balls, realllll tender like. But then they stopped because the internet got in a huff. Again :P.

    What's stopping me from getting one? Mortgage, kids, limited free time and a ps4.

      Yeah, but apart from that? :P

        Yeah, I guess I could quit working to free up a bit more time :P

        *Braaains - I may have reported your comment by mistake, I'm on my phone and have fat thumbs lol. Apologies if I did..

        Last edited 06/09/16 4:12 pm

          Great. At least when the Kotaku Gestapo (Kotstapo? Gestaku?) kick my door down, I'll know who to blame.

            Hell hath no fury like an angry Scotsman who hasn't had his daily dose of porridge. It was nice knowing you, Braaains. :P

    I pretty much only use my xbone for the media player, and will continue to until the PS4 recognises external hard drives....

      PS4 has recognised external hard drives for ages for media. Or do you mean for game installs?

        For USB sticks yes but portable hdd no way José

        But not for FAT32. What a joke of a system.

    We’ve now got the Xbox One S. Project Scorpio is around the corner.

    Holiday 2017 is just around the corner? I guess in the grand scheme of things sure...

    Aldis have them for $240 refurb with 1 game 2 weeks ago.
    Went to EB before i bought it and got price matched with gears of war ultimate & 1 indie game.
    Took it back home and was a 1TB console instead of the 500GB - Bonus!!

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